Duravit Xviu 454mm Depth Double Drawer Floor Standing Vanity Unit


MFC CODE: XV45330B118


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Please Note all the measurements are in 'mm'
Colour White Matt
Country of Origin Germany
Warranty/Guarantee 5 Years
Theme Modern
Installation Type Wall Mounted
Width 484
Depth 454
Height 493
Furniture Material ABS-Edge
Sink Included Sold Separately
Number Of Drawers 2

Duravit Xviu XV45330B118 DETAILS

Duravit Xviu 454mm Depth Double Drawer Floor Standing Vanity Unit adds storage to the bathroom and not just-style. It offers appealing, contemporary design and is a superior quality product made from high-compressed three-ply chipboard and ABS-edge material. It is available with a glazed underside and comes with tap platform in a design that is fully intended for inclusion in the dwelling that embraces new and exciting designs. It can be used alongside a number of optional accessories and is backed by 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer.

  • Unit:
  • Design by Sieger Design
  • 2 pull-out compartments
  • ABS-Edge material
  • Basic material: High-compressed three-ply chipboard
  • Sizes: 454 x 493mm [Depth x Height]
  • 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Basin:
  • Design by Duravit
  • Underneath glazed
  • Comes With tap platform
  • Tap shown in the image are not included
  • Depth: 470mm
  • 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Optional Product:
  • Plinth Legs
  • Compatible Basin
  • Space saving Siphon.


Detail For Champagne Matt Unit
Finishes 484mm Width 584mm Width 684mm Width 784mm Width 984mm Width 1184mm Width
White Matt - Decor XV45330B118 XV45340B118 XV45350B118 XV45360B118 XV45370B118 XV45380B118
Concrete Grey Matt - Decor XV45330B107 XV45340B107 XV45350B107 XV45360B107 XV45370B107 XV45380B107
Light Blue Matt - Decor XV45330B109 XV45340B109 XV45350B109 XV45360B109 XV45370B109 XV45380B109
Walnut Dark - Decor XV45330B121 XV45340B121 XV45350B121 XV45360B121 XV45370B121 XV45380B121
Pine Silver - Decor XV45330B131 XV45340B131 XV45350B131 XV45360B131 XV45370B131 XV45380B131
Basalt Matt - Decor XV45330B143 XV45340B143 XV45350B143 XV45360B143 XV45370B143 XV45380B143
Graphite Matt - Decor XV45330B149 XV45340B149 XV45350B149 XV45360B149 XV45370B149 XV45380B149
Pine Terra - Decor XV45330B151 XV45340B151 XV45350B151 XV45360B151 XV45370B151 XV45380B151
European Oak - Decor XV45330B152 XV45340B152 XV45350B152 XV45360B152 XV45370B152 XV45380B152
Chestnut Dark - Decor XV45330B153 XV45340B153 XV45350B153 XV45360B153 XV45370B153 XV45380B153
Natural Walnut - Decor XV45330B179 XV45340B179 XV45350B179 XV45360B179 XV45370B179 XV45380B179
Taupe Matt - Decor XV45330B191 XV45340B191 XV45350B191 XV45360B191 XV45370B191 XV45380B191
White High Gloss - Decor XV45330B122 XV45340B122 XV45350B122 XV45360B122 XV45370B122 XV45380B122
Ticino Cherry Tree - Decor XV45330B173 XV45340B173 XV45350B173 XV45360B173 XV45370B173 XV45380B173
Linen - Decor XV45330B175 XV45340B175 XV45350B175 XV45360B175 XV45370B175 XV45380B175
Oak Cashmere - Real Wood Veneer XV45330B111 XV45340B111 XV45350B111 XV45360B111 XV45370B111 XV45380B111
Brushed Oak - Real Wood Veneer XV45330B112 XV45340B112 XV45350B112 XV45360B112 XV45370B112 XV45380B112
American Walnut - Real Wood Veneer XV45330B113 XV45340B113 XV45350B113 XV45360B113 XV45370B113 XV45380B113
Brushed Walnut - Real Wood Veneer XV45330B169 XV45340B169 XV45350B169 XV45360B169 XV45370B169 XV45380B169
Mediterranean Oak - Real Wood Veneer XV45330B171 XV45340B171 XV45350B171 XV45360B171 XV45370B171 XV45380B171
Brushed Dark Oak - Real Wood Veneer XV45330B172 XV45340B172 XV45350B172 XV45360B172 XV45370B172 XV45380B172
Jade High Gloss - Lacquer XV45330B103 XV45340B103 XV45350B103 XV45360B103 XV45370B103 XV45380B103
Apricot Pearl High Gloss - Lacquer XV45330B110 XV45340B110 XV45350B110 XV45360B110 XV45370B110 XV45380B110
Apricot Pearl Satin Matt - Lacquer XV45330B120 XV45340B120 XV45350B120 XV45360B120 XV45370B120 XV45380B120
White Lilac High Gloss - Lacquer XV45330B127 XV45340B127 XV45350B127 XV45360B127 XV45370B127 XV45380B127
Dolomiti Grey High Gloss - Lacquer XV45330B138 XV45340B138 XV45350B138 XV45360B138 XV45370B138 XV45380B138
Black High Gloss - Lacquer XV45330B140 XV45340B140 XV45350B140 XV45360B140 XV45370B140 XV45380B140
Stone Blue High Gloss - Lacquer XV45330B147 XV45340B147 XV45350B147 XV45360B147 XV45370B147 XV45380B147
Olive Brown High Gloss - Lacquer XV45330B161 XV45340B161 XV45350B161 XV45360B161 XV45370B161 XV45380B161
White High Gloss - Lacquer XV45330B185 XV45340B185 XV45350B185 XV45360B185 XV45370B185 XV45380B185
Cappuccino High Gloss - Lacquer XV45330B186 XV45340B186 XV45350B186 XV45360B186 XV45370B186 XV45380B186
White Lilac Satin Matt - Lacquer XV45330B187 XV45340B187 XV45350B187 XV45360B187 XV45370B187 XV45380B187
Flannel Grey High Gloss - Lacquer XV45330B189 XV45340B189 XV45350B189 XV45360B189 XV45370B189 XV45380B189
Flannel Grey Satin Matt - Lacquer XV45330B190 XV45340B190 XV45350B190 XV45360B190 XV45370B190 XV45380B190
Detail For Black Matt Unit
Finishes 484mm Width 584mm Width 684mm Width 784mm Width 984mm Width 1184mm Width
White Matt - Decor XV45330B218 XV45340B218 XV45350B218 XV45360B218 XV45370B218 XV45380B218
Concrete Grey Matt - Decor XV45330B207 XV45340B207 XV45350B207 XV45360B207 XV45370B207 XV45380B207
Light Blue Matt - Decor XV45330B209 XV45340B209 XV45350B209 XV45360B209 XV45370B209 XV45380B209
Walnut Dark - Decor XV45330B221 XV45340B221 XV45350B221 XV45360B221 XV45370B221 XV45380B221
Pine Silver - Decor XV45330B231 XV45340B231 XV45350B231 XV45360B231 XV45370B231 XV45380B231
Basalt Matt - Decor XV45330B243 XV45340B243 XV45350B243 XV45360B243 XV45370B243 XV45380B243
Graphite Matt - Decor XV45330B249 XV45340B249 XV45350B249 XV45360B249 XV45370B249 XV45380B249
Pine Terra - Decor XV45330B251 XV45340B251 XV45350B251 XV45360B251 XV45370B251 XV45380B251
European Oak - Decor XV45330B252 XV45340B252 XV45350B252 XV45360B252 XV45370B252 XV45380B252
Chestnut Dark - Decor XV45330B253 XV45340B253 XV45350B253 XV45360B253 XV45370B253 XV45380B253
Natural Walnut - Decor XV45330B279 XV45340B279 XV45350B279 XV45360B279 XV45370B279 XV45380B279
Taupe Matt - Decor XV45330B291 XV45340B291 XV45350B291 XV45360B291 XV45370B291 XV45380B291
White High Gloss - Decor XV45330B222 XV45340B222 XV45350B222 XV45360B222 XV45370B222 XV45380B222
Ticino Cherry Tree - Decor XV45330B273 XV45340B273 XV45350B273 XV45360B273 XV45370B273 XV45380B273
Linen - Decor XV45330B275 XV45340B275 XV45350B275 XV45360B275 XV45370B275 XV45380B275
Oak Cashmere - Real Wood Veneer XV45330B211 XV45340B211 XV45350B211 XV45360B211 XV45370B211 XV45380B211
Brushed Oak - Real Wood Veneer XV45330B212 XV45340B212 XV45350B212 XV45360B212 XV45370B212 XV45380B212
American Walnut - Real Wood Veneer XV45330B213 XV45340B213 XV45350B213 XV45360B213 XV45370B213 XV45380B213
Brushed Walnut - Real Wood Veneer XV45330B269 XV45340B269 XV45350B269 XV45360B269 XV45370B269 XV45380B269
Mediterranean Oak - Real Wood Veneer XV45330B271 XV45340B271 XV45350B271 XV45360B271 XV45370B271 XV45380B271
Brushed Dark Oak - Real Wood Veneer XV45330B272 XV45340B272 XV45350B272 XV45360B272 XV45370B272 XV45380B272
Jade High Gloss - Lacquer XV45330B203 XV45340B203 XV45350B203 XV45360B203 XV45370B203 XV45380B203
Apricot Pearl High Gloss - Lacquer XV45330B210 XV45340B210 XV45350B210 XV45360B210 XV45370B210 XV45380B210
Apricot Pearl Satin Matt - Lacquer XV45330B220 XV45340B220 XV45350B220 XV45360B220 XV45370B220 XV45380B220
White Lilac High Gloss - Lacquer XV45330B227 XV45340B227 XV45350B227 XV45360B227 XV45370B227 XV45380B227
Dolomiti Grey High Gloss - Lacquer XV45330B238 XV45340B238 XV45350B238 XV45360B238 XV45370B238 XV45380B238
Black High Gloss - Lacquer XV45330B240 XV45340B240 XV45350B240 XV45360B240 XV45370B240 XV45380B240
Stone Blue High Gloss - Lacquer XV45330B247 XV45340B247 XV45350B247 XV45360B247 XV45370B247 XV45380B247
Olive Brown High Gloss - Lacquer XV45330B261 XV45340B261 XV45350B261 XV45360B261 XV45370B261 XV45380B261
White High Gloss - Lacquer XV45330B285 XV45340B285 XV45350B285 XV45360B285 XV45370B285 XV45380B285
Cappuccino High Gloss - Lacquer XV45330B286 XV45340B286 XV45350B286 XV45360B286 XV45370B286 XV45380B286
White Lilac Satin Matt - Lacquer XV45330B287 XV45340B287 XV45350B287 XV45360B287 XV45370B287 XV45380B287
Flannel Grey High Gloss - Lacquer XV45330B289 XV45340B289 XV45350B289 XV45360B289 XV45370B289 XV45380B289
Flannel Grey Satin Matt - Lacquer XV45330B290 XV45340B290 XV45350B290 XV45360B290 XV45370B290 XV45380B290
Detail For Basin
Variation With Overflow Without Overflow
No Tap Hole 2350500060 2350500070
1 Tap Hole 2350500000 2350500041
3 Tap Hole 2350500030 2350500044
No Tap Hole 2350600060 2350600070
1 Tap Hole 2350600000 2350600041
3 Tap Hole 2350600030 2350600044
No Tap Hole 2350700060 2350700070
1 Tap Hole 2350700000 2350700041
3 Tap Hole 2350700030 2350700044
No Tap Hole 2350800060 2350800070
1 Tap Hole 2350800000 2350800041
3 Tap Hole 2350800030 2350800044
No Tap Hole 2350100060 2350100070
1 Tap Hole 2350100000 2350100041
2 Tap Hole 2350100024 2350100043
3 Tap Hole 2350100030 2350100044
No Tap Hole 2350120060 2350120070
1 Tap Hole 2350120000 2350120041
2 Tap Hole 2350120024 2350120043
3 Tap Hole 2350120030 2350120044
Detail For Plinth Legs
Finish MFC
Champagne Matt XV971400000
Black Matt XV971500000

Total: £714.84 10-14 Working Days Approx QS Supplies

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