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Aqualux: More Than Just Shower Enclosures!

Published on: 31/07/2016
Last Updated: 27/08/2019

It’s amazing how much a pretty bathroom can completely cheer you up! Whether it’s the gorgeous tile or an incredible shower enclosure, it’s nice to have something beautiful and all your own. A significant change you can make to the style and utility of a bathroom is the addition of a new shower enclosure. Glass shower enclosures can make your bathroom seem much larger than it is and create a calming environment!

If you’re looking for a trusted brand, one of our favourites is Aqualux-a brand that is committed to quality and affordability. It is the United Kingdom’s leading supplier of shower enclosures, so you know that any product comes with an incredible guarantee of quality and durability. Aqualux designs are sleek and modern that would work well in any home, regardless of style. Aqualux shower enclosures come in a variety of different styles.

How to Design Bathrooms with Aqualux Shower Enclosures

Transcending the sphere with the trendiest shower enclosures, Aqualux Shower Surrounds have created the magical shower enclosures that revitalise your senses every time you retreat to the enclosure to unwind. Aqualux shower enclosures provide soothing pleasure every time one takes a shower.

The enclosures offer synonymous spa-like experience. They harmonise the ambience with immense tranquillity, reminding one of the fondest experiences of life, every time. Building a home or redoing the decor with Aqualux’s range of shower enclosures is always a splendid idea, given the ability of the enclosures to compound pleasurable elements in the ambience. They can be apt milieus in the bathroom, elegantly demarcating the space from the rest of the area in the bathroom. As sumptuous and luxurious they appear they come with as much classy look and style. Consummately functional, effortless in usage and classic in aesthetic, yet they are minimalistic and subtle.


Interestingly, here are few factors that will make your purchase of Aqualux Shower Enclosures easier. Muse over the aesthetic quotient, fixing and fitting, the shape one would prefer, and of course, the accessories.

The precursor is the aesthetic perspective. Think of the design that you would like for your bathroom. Analyse what would be conducive to your bathroom – a classic or a traditional looking shower enclosure. Also, think about the type and pattern that will aptly grace your bathroom; if it is going to be a glass enclosure or any other type. Aqualux has myriad options in a glass with different patterns. Further, consider the finish one would like; silver or white.


Fixing and fitting are crucial. One has to choose the type of enclosure, and space in the bathroom, which will determine the fittings required. Importantly, the type of door you would prefer; a sliding or a bi-fold or pivot and any other door from the range. The experts can help in installing them, and they have proficiency in fitting each door differently, depending on their nature and technical viability.

Always remember, there are diverse shapes of enclosures, in order to meet every desire, choice and requirement. In other words, there’s the desired shape, and there’s one in the range to meet that desire. The size and shape of your bathroom will determine the shape of the enclosure you wish to buy; for instance – rectangle, square, D-shaped or quadrant.


Accessories are equally important- select the right screen if you are purchasing a shower bath; also, the material and design of the shower tray are crucial for quadrant shower enclosures.

Versatility, quality and practicality in performance and attractiveness are their identity. They are phenomenal, due to their diversity in design, size and shape. If your bathroom is large or cramped, Aqualux’s shower enclosures simply befit indiscriminately.

Given the humongous range which includes Frameless, Bi-Fold, Bow Front, Pivot Door, Corner Entry, Quadrant, Sliding Door, Walk Around, Walk-In, Walk Through, and D- Shaped, they stir up the urge of owning them for pleasurable showering experience. The ranges in their brand series include Aqualux Origin 6 & 8, Shine 6 & 8, AQUA and Bathroom Accessories.

Aqualux offers holistic alternatives, with a wide range of shower enclosures from their exhaustive collection, and these products can be obtained from our web-stores, rather easily and at attractive prices.

Aqualux Slot and Lock Shower Enclosure

Installation of the Shower enclosure has never been so easier. Aqualux Slot and Lock Shower Enclosure features great style and can be assembled in no time.


The Main feature of Aqualux Slot and Lock enclosure is that slots and locks together and creates a watertight shower enclosure with no tiling necessary. A perfect choice for both commercial or residential applications and features:

  • 900 x 900mm Quadrant Shower Tray
  • Two opaque glassed back walls
  • 6mm “Lift Out” Toughened Glass Door
  • Multi-Function Mixer Shower
  • Chrome Storage Rack and
  • 4 Body Jets.

Aqualux Slot and Lock Shower enclosure looks stunning and would be an ideal choice for modern bathrooms. Just watch the installation video, and you can follow step by step guide to install this slot and lock shower enclosure. You can buy this product directly from us or any of the products from our complete range of shower enclosures at our online store.

Sarabeth Asaff

Sarabeth Asaff
Sarabeth Asaff is a former kitchen and bathroom designer who now works as a home and garden industry writer and expert. She has a working knowledge of all areas of the home improvement industry, and specialises in functional design and material advice.