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Hudson Reed Fusion

Bathroom design is about more than just the plumbing, fixtures, and taps. It’s also about how you’ll use the space, and that includes storing the items that you use there each day. That’s why bathroom furniture is such a popular addition to the room; it enables you to make better use of the space as a whole. For contemporary bathrooms of all shapes and sizes, there’s the Fusion line of bathroom furniture from Hudson Reed. This sleek furniture line includes the basin, so it’s easy to match the clean lines and unique shapes and sizes of these pieces.

The entire line is designed with today’s bathroom in mind, from the sizes and shapes that will help them fit into smaller bathrooms to the quality materials they’re built of to the seven designer colours available. With the Fusion line of Double Basin Vanity Units, Fitted Bathroom Furniture, Cloakroom Vanity, Mirrored Cabinets, and Bathroom Vanity Units you can easily customize your bathroom’s look as well as its function.

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