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Geberit Monolith

Oftentimes, when you replace your old toilet with a new one, it's not the best fit. Sometimes it leaves gaps or sometimes your new model has so many more features, you need something that can help you access them.

Enter the Geberit Monolith line. These glass sanitary modules are designed to work with their AquaClean line or to help adapt a new toilet into an old space. They have a sleek, glass finish that's sanitary and easy to care for. Available in four stylish colours, you can easily blend them into your existing design. They offer coverage for old couplings and connections and they hook up your new water supply so your new toilet can access all of its features and help improve your time in the bathroom.

They can be mounted on drywall, solid walls, or on a finished floor, so you can customize their use to meet your particular needs.

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