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45 Kitchen Layouts - Floor Plans & Ideas

Published on: 26/02/2020
Last Updated: 26/02/2020
45 Kitchen Layouts - Plans & Ideas

If you're planning a new kitchen or renovating an existing one, a few key points must always reflect the plan and design. The kitchen is central to the home, and gaining the maximum mileage for the space assigned to the kitchen means the layout must be smartly planned; it must also consider decor requirements and fit in the essential elements that are essential to the dwellers.

Cabinets, flooring, tiles, and paint and appliances and gadgets are all part of a working kitchen. However, it is the layout that works to make a kitchen functional, comfortable and efficient. Thus, focus on style and aesthetics must always be secondary to the kitchen layout ideas that are key to a permanently efficient kitchen space that works for you.

Our design experts at QS Supplies give you a lowdown on some fabulous kitchen layout ideas in three-dimensional imagery for you to follow within your own homes.

Kitchen Plan 1

Kitchen Layout 1Enlarge

This galley kitchen model has all the elements with geometric shapes, and the layout uses both walls making optimal use of space. The elegance of the room is enhanced by the use of square tiles on the floor. The symmetrical design works well with the corner square sink to the stacked cabinets that hide away clutter and utilities for a seamless finish.

Size: 11'-0" x 8'-0" 88 sq.ft.
Width: 96 Inch Length: 132 Inch

Kitchen Plan 2

Kitchen Layout 2Enlarge

Yet another two-wall layout, every element in this kitchen is placed against one of the two walls, leaving floor space for movement. The square and rectangle shape dominate while countertops on both ends maximise working space. An elongated sink occupies one wall's corner, while cabinets on both walls provide ample storage space out of sight. The cooking station at the other is intelligently placed.

Size: 15'-6" x 9'-9" 151 sq.ft.
Width: 117 Inch Length: 186 Inch

Kitchen Plan 3

Kitchen Layout 3Enlarge

This classic L shaped kitchen layout with plenty of counter space. This layout makes the best use of corner space and works well for small to medium-sized kitchens. It frees up much space to have a dining area, depending on the total room space. This can be used for open plan kitchens or living rooms.

Size: 14'-9" x 10'-6" 155 sq.ft.
Width: 126 Inch Length: 177 Inch

Kitchen Plan 4

Kitchen Layout 4Enlarge

This space carries the popular L shaped kitchen layout within a rectangular room to comfortably accommodate everything from two sinks to plenty of storage. The room's highlight is the tiny dining area opposite the longer side of the L shaped countertops. The wall-hung and under-counter storage keep the kitchen space neat and free of clutter.

Size: 23'-1" x 12'-2" 270 sq.ft.
Width: 146 Inch Length: 277 Inch

Kitchen Plan 5

Kitchen Layout 5Enlarge

Make the most of the small kitchen area with this U shaped layout with the smart use of upper cabinets and countertops. Keeping it simple, the designers used the thoughtful placement of elements to have all your cooking equipment and ingredients within easy reach. This layout offers more storage and countertop space on all three sides, and the one next to the cooking unit can be used as a prep area. However, there's no space for tables or chairs.

Size: 10'-0" x 8'-0" 80 sq.ft.
Width: 96 Inch Length: 120 Inch

Kitchen Plan 6

Kitchen Layout 6Enlarge

This is a modified L shaped layout with maximum use of the central wall, ideal if space is at a premium. It streamlines your cooking area and places the sink on the other side with floor length, and upper cabinets fitted all along with the design. Your kitchen utilities are hidden behind the cabinets' sliding doors, and there is sufficient room for a dining area within the kitchen.

Size: 15'-2" x 13'-8" 207 sq.ft.
Width: 164 Inch Length: 182 Inch

Kitchen Plan 7

Kitchen Layout 7Enlarge

Cabinets and counters are versatile elements that create inspiring kitchen layouts. Our designers have used an L shaped format to create maximum impact. The layout includes a rectangular cooking unit on the central counter and sinks on one side, making the illusion of space with three walls of cabinets and plenty of countertop space. The section opposite the sink has been used as a dining or breakfast table, making it ideal for family use.

Size: 17'-11" x 9'-11" 170 sq.ft.
Width: 119 Inch Length: 215 Inch

Kitchen Plan 8

Kitchen Layout 8Enlarge

This geometric minimalist kitchen layout is worthy of envy. This room has a structure that allows you the L Shaped Kitchen and dining table's convenience in one room, thanks to the continuity of elements such as the sink, cooking top, and open and closed shelving. The floor is also comfortably large to allow free movement.

Size: 11'-3" x 12'-0" 126 sq.ft.
Width: 144 Inch Length: 135 Inch

Kitchen Plan 9

Kitchen Layout 9Enlarge

This Kitchen layout makes the most of the narrow long kitchen space; this U-shaped kitchen works well here as it opens out enough space for placing a dining table and chairs. This area looks like a surround with the arrangement of elements along three walls in a balanced manner. The sink is central to the arrangement; white cabinets and countertops are symmetrical, giving it a perfectly balanced look.

Size: 21'-6" x 10'-7" 228 sq.ft.
Width: 127 Inch Length: 258 Inch

Kitchen Plan 10

Kitchen Layout 10Enlarge

This is an irregular yet the space-saving design that gives you lots of floor space for movement and the added convenience of a dining area. The sink is located on the central counter area with rectangular upper and under-counter cabinets fitted strategically to max out the storage space. The refrigerator is placed in an otherwise wasted corner space.

Size: 17'-11" x 11'-8" 195 sq.ft.
Width: 140 Inch Length: 215 Inch

Kitchen Plan 11

Kitchen Layout 11Enlarge

Yet another excellent layout for a roomy rectangle-shaped Kitchen, this one works as an open plan kitchen. This minimalist design makes the room look larger and performs well by placing the table next to the window. This is a G shape layout with a section of the 'G' working as a kitchen island with plentiful storage along the three walls. Works nicely for open plan kitchen/living rooms.

Size: 26'-5" x 20'-0" 500 sq.ft.
Width: 240 Inch Length: 317 Inch

Kitchen Plan 12

Kitchen Layout 12Enlarge

When you fancy having the luxury of plenty of storage and a breakfast bar, this G shaped layout works best. A part of the design includes a compact corner table which is an extension of the countertop with chairs. The sink and the cooktop are included in the central section with walls of cabinets and plenty of countertop space.

Size: 11'-2" x 12'-10" 140 sq.ft.
Width: 154 Inch Length: 134 Inch

Kitchen Plan 13

Kitchen Layout 13Enlarge

This layout is for Kitchen spaces that are roomier and used by large families. The back door opens into a rectangular area that is designed with cabinets for further storage. The central Kitchen is G shaped with storage cabinets on opposite walls. The stove is set upon a long narrow countertop. Opposite to this is an area designed to work as a breakfast bar come dining space. Such an arrangement allows plenty of floor space and light due to the division into three segments.

Size: 21'-4" x 14'-0" 262 sq.ft.
Width: 168 Inch Length: 256 Inch

Kitchen Plan 14

Kitchen Layout 14Enlarge

The perfect solution for square-shaped kitchen areas has fixtures surrounding a dining area in the middle. The kitchen is built in a classic U shaped arrangement with long countertops that allow you to prepare, cook and clean comfortably. On one end of the arrangement is the cooking station, while the sink is on the adjacent counter. The rectangular cabinets are both open and close in design keeping everything neat and tidy.

Size: 18'-8" x 16'-0" 298 sq.ft.
Width: 192 Inch Length: 224 Inch

Kitchen Plan 15

Kitchen Layout 15Enlarge

This layout showcases an L-shaped design is an open arrangement with a table or island added to the spacious room. The sink, refrigerator and cooking unit are spaced out in a triangular structure. Plenty of natural light adds to the roominess of the kitchen. Integrating an area of high cabinets with floor and wall units develops varied storage and separates the layout.

Size: 25'-4" x 18'-2" 368 sq.ft.
Width: 218 Inch Length: 304 Inch

Kitchen Plan 16

Kitchen Layout 16Enlarge

This kitchen idea is modern, minimalist and clean looking with a G shape. It is sunny and inviting but also stylish and sophisticated. The cooking unit, sink and refrigerator are spaced out. The long cabinets used on one wall give this kitchen a sleek look, while the use of a narrow table alongside is a functional addition. The vast windows ensure that the space is cheerful and inviting.

Size: 14'-1" x 12'-0" 126 sq.ft.
Width: 144 Inch Length: 169 Inch

Kitchen Plan 17

Kitchen Layout 17Enlarge

In this typical L shape layout, appliances have been strategically placed to max out space with exciting use of geometric shapes! Such an arrangement frees up sufficient space for the placement of a table for 4. The cabinets' linear structure keeps the clutter stashed away while the huge window brings in natural Sunlight.

Size: 16'-5" x 11'-10" 163 sq.ft.
Width: 142 Inch Length: 197 Inch

Kitchen Plan 18

Kitchen Layout 18Enlarge

The kitchen design is inspired by an L-shaped plan and is modified to suit more significant storage requirements. This kitchen design shows that you don't have to feel restricted working with a single layout idea. It makes use of all four walls modifying the L shape central area with the additional sink on the opposite wall. The layout maintains the triangle layout of the sink, fridge and cooking unit.

Size: 22'-7" x 17'-10" 320 sq.ft.
Width: 214 Inch Length: 271 Inch

Kitchen Plan 19

Kitchen Layout 19Enlarge

In this single wall kitchen layout, all cabinets and countertops are set up against one wall. The central kitchen has an island that incorporates the sink at one corner, leaving the rest of the countertop free for prep work. It also works wonderfully to separate the kitchen from the living room in an open-plan setting. The dining area is at the other end. It's an excellent layout for simple, effortless movement with lots of storage and prep space.

Size: 25'-8" x 25'-3" 581 sq.ft.
Width: 303 Inch Length: 308 Inch

Kitchen Plan 20

Kitchen Layout 20Enlarge

Layout No. 20 is a peninsula kitchen layout where the main L-shaped layout has an attached island or counter that looks more of a U-shaped design without its wall. This is ideal for homes that need additional counter space for versatile use. It also works to separate the central kitchen from the dining area set up in the room's middle.

Size: 17'-4" x 18'-2" 246 sq.ft.
Width: 218 Inch Length: 208 Inch

Kitchen Plan 21

Kitchen Layout 21Enlarge

There are a lot of advantages of this layout in the home. It uses two-walls on opposite ends for fitting both storage and facilities within a limited space. Everything you need for your kitchen chores is available on both sides, yet it saves a lot of kitchen space. In this layout, the galley kitchen is flanked by a dining area at one end, and the laundry room on the other makes walking through easy and gives a connected feel.

Size: 19'-0" x 11'-6" 182 sq.ft.
Width: 138 Inch Length: 228 Inch

Kitchen Plan 22

Kitchen Layout 22Enlarge

This kitchen layout strategically combines the peninsula kitchen layout and one walled layout on different walls. The sink and cooktop are on one wall. The peninsula layout holds the storage cabinets and oven with an attached island or counter that works as a dining table. The opposite wall corner also has wall-length storage.

Size: 20'-0" x 19'-0" 268 sq.ft.
Width: 228 Inch Length: 240 Inch

Kitchen Plan 23

Kitchen Layout 23Enlarge

This layout is a Peninsular one again where a U shape has been modified into a G-shaped design. The form uses the kitchen's available area to work as a dining area that extends further into a baking area with a sink of its own. The central U shaped arrangement showcases sleek ceiling-to-floor cabinets, with the U-shape arm in the centre having the cooking range and the sink.

Size: 23'-2" x 14'-4" 332 sq.ft.
Width: 172 Inch Length: 278 Inch

Kitchen Plan 24

Kitchen Layout 24Enlarge

This layout showcases a connected dining and kitchen area with a kitchen at the far end of a U-shaped design. The refrigerator, cooktop and sink are strategically placed along with suitable storage cabinets. Next to the kitchen is a separate square area for the dish rack. The kitchen connects to a cosy dining area at the opposite end.

Size: 25'-5" x 12'-4" 270 sq.ft.
Width: 148 Inch Length: 305 Inch

Kitchen Plan 25

Kitchen Layout 25Enlarge

A single wall kitchen layout works better than the L-shaped design, as it occupies a limited space and opens the area to the dining table via a glass panel. The variety of white cabinets on the wall also contribute to the open concept in the room layout that is very desirable. The Sunlight coming in through the window lights up the area.

Size: 18'-0" x 15'-3" 222 sq.ft.
Width: 183 Inch Length: 216 Inch

Kitchen Plan 26

Kitchen Layout 26Enlarge

In this layout, the kitchen connects to a tiny laundry room. The kitchen layout itself is an L-shape one with an attached counter which extends further into the table and chair arrangement. It thus becomes a U shape that is aesthetically pleasing and extremely functional. For ease of performing kitchen chores, the cooktop and the sink are spaced out diagonally.

Size: 14'-10" x 18'-8" 215 sq.ft.
Width: 224 Inch Length: 178 Inch

Kitchen Plan 27

Kitchen Layout 27Enlarge

This U shaped kitchen layout is simple, stunning and practical. All the appliances and cabinets have a neat arrangement all along three walls that frees up plenty of space in the centre, giving you the liberty to utilise the room. This arrangement works well no matter what the size, shape of the style of the kitchen. This kitchen leads into a dining area separated by glass panels.

Size: 11'-8" x 15-11" 204 sq.ft.
Width: 191 Inch Length: 140 Inch

Kitchen Plan 28

Kitchen Layout 28Enlarge

This smart modern design has a conventional U shaped compact kitchen along one wall and has two dining arrangements. Huge vertical windows allow plenty of natural light into the kitchen, making it airy and bright. The storage and worktop space is minimalistic yet accommodates everything you need without a third wall. The kitchen is well defined yet open.

Size: 42'-6" x 20'-0" 710 sq.ft.
Width: 240 Inch Length: 510 Inch

Kitchen Plan 29

Kitchen Layout 29Enlarge

This impressive space looks like a U-shaped kitchen, incorporating tall units along the central wall to store kitchen utilities. In essence, this design consists of a galley kitchen and one wall of floor-to-ceiling companies. By choosing to keep the refrigerator, cooktop, and sink triangular arrangement, the kitchen maintains a neat look and has enough surface for prep work. The U-shaped design incorporates a table and chairs at the opposite end.

Size: 27'-2" x 21'-0" 398 sq.ft.
Width: 252 Inch Length: 326 Inch

Kitchen Plan 30

Kitchen Layout 30Enlarge

This galley-like kitchen layout utilises the two opposite walls to good effect. Technically this is a one wall kitchen with a cooking hob and refrigerator arranged together. The opposite wall holds kitchen knick-knacks in an open-shelf arrangement. The oven and breakfast bar occupies the central island, making this an excellent solution for open-plan kitchens.

Size: 21'-3" x 13-0" 230 sq.ft.
Width: 156 Inch Length: 255 Inch

Kitchen Plan 31

Kitchen Layout 31Enlarge

Such a U-shaped kitchen is a highly coveted layout with wall cabinets placed all along the U. However, one side of the arrangement has a long counter space with artificial lights for the brightness to the scheme. The cooktop with the chimney occupies a central area with a sink and oven on adjacent counters.

Size: 14'-6" x 9'-3" 134 sq.ft.
Width: 111 Inch Length: 174 Inch

Kitchen Plan 32

Kitchen Layout 32Enlarge

The L-shaped layout makes excellent use of corner space with a compact placement of upper and lower counter cabinets. Perfect for an open plan living room, this L-shaped kitchen can be combined with dining areas or even a kitchen island if the room's width allows, as pictured here. This open plan room presents easy access to both the table and the bar set-up on the same wall.

Size: 18'-4" x 17'-3" 265 sq.ft.
Width: 207 Inch Length: 220 Inch

Kitchen Plan 33

Kitchen Layout 33Enlarge

A one-wall kitchen is built into a single linear wall, with the kitchen recessed into the wall and ceiling to floor cabinets occupying the rest of the border for functional storage. These types of kitchens are found in small homes to conserve floor space and build costs. With the abundance of cabinets, you may be looking for new ways to add utility to the room-here an island sink set-up with a dining table work well.

Size: 20'-8" x 15'-10" 315 sq.ft.
Width: 190 Inch Length: 248 Inch

Kitchen Plan 34

Kitchen Layout 34Enlarge

You see a modified U with attached island counter in this kitchen, which works to define the kitchen area. The designer has used vertical structural support as a prominent feature in the space and as a separator for the cooking area and storage cabinets—the significant sink benefits from the Sunlight coming in through the huge windows. There is enough room for a dining area in this open-plan design.

Size: 31'-3" x 17'-4" 420 sq.ft.
Width: 208 Inch Length: 375 Inch

Kitchen Plan 35

Kitchen Layout 35Enlarge

Here the attached breakfast bar modifies the L-shape kitchen layout into a semi-U and defines the kitchen area. In this minimalist arrangement, the kitchen sink and the cooking unit occupy central positions on adjacent countertops. Open and closed cabinets line the complete length of the L shaped design. The dining area can be easily accessed through the kitchen and vice versa.

Size: 18'-2" x 18'-8" 280 sq.ft.
Width: 224 Inch Length: 218 Inch

Kitchen Plan 36

Kitchen Layout 36Enlarge

This layout yet again depicts a modified U shape open plan kitchen. The breakfast bar separates the kitchen from the dining area, while the huge windows allow plenty of light inside. The cooktop and two sinks are spaced out for good effect, while multiple cabinets offer plenty of storage space.

Size: 27'-0" x 17'-6" 378 sq.ft.
Width: 210 Inch Length: 324 Inch

Kitchen Plan 37

Kitchen Layout 37Enlarge

If you have plenty of space for a galley kitchen's convenience, then setting it up can be done economically and quickly. This dual wall layout has a table in the middle, making it very versatile. Cabinets can add up to the expense, but a double wall kitchen needs less cabinetry, and there's no dead space created by corners here. The sink and cooking station are installed side-by-side for ease of use. The closed kitchen connects to the dining area through a door.

Size: 17'-8" x 13'-6" 222 sq.ft.
Width: 162 Inch Length: 212 Inch

Kitchen Plan 38

Kitchen Layout 38Enlarge

This is a single-wall layout but works like a galley design with floor-length storage units and oven on the opposite wall. The cooking range and sink are packed together on one counter. The layout works like a dream for those aspiring chefs and home cooks as it holds all appliances, cabinets and countertops on one wall. It is versatile enough to add single or double dining zones in the middle, depending on space availability.

Size: 21'-6" x 15'-6" 332 sq.ft.
Width: 186 Inch Length: 258 Inch

Kitchen Plan 39

Kitchen Layout 39Enlarge

The square Kitchen showcases a classic U shape layout with a cooking hob, double sink, and oven tied together into the design that also allows for plenty of cabinets. Huge vertical windows bring bright light. The closed space is connected through a door to the dining area with an island sink and countertop that doubles as a breakfast bar.

Size: 22'-10" x 21'-4" 412 sq.ft.
Width: 256 Inch Length: 274 Inch

Kitchen Plan 40

Kitchen Layout 40Enlarge

This is a nearly perfect symmetrical U shaped kitchen plan layout. The three walls in this closed kitchen are lined with open and closed cabinets that offer unmatched storage space. The sink and cooking station are at opposite ends for ease of cooking and cleaning. Minimal and modern, this is a popular layout for compact closed kitchens.

Size: 7'-8" x 9'-10" 75 sq.ft.
Width: 118 Inch Length: 92 Inch

Kitchen Plan 41

Kitchen Layout 41Enlarge

In this kitchen, the L shaped countertop space connects with storage on both sides of the L, giving you a G shaped layout. The cooking unit and double sink are installed side by side and in the central counter. One arm of the L has an open counter for prep work and a massive window above it for fresh air and light.

Size: 16'-0" x 8'-6" 122 sq.ft.
Width: 102 Inch Length: 192 Inch

Kitchen Plan 42

Kitchen Layout 42Enlarge

Such a U-shaped kitchen arrangement works well in closed areas with wall cabinets placed all along the upper and lower counter space in the middle. On one end is the sink and the refrigerator is on the other, maintaining the classic triangular arrangement of these major appliances. This area connects to the dining area through a door.

Size: 25'-0" x 13'-10" 335 sq.ft.
Width: 166 Inch Length: 300 Inch

Kitchen Plan 43

Kitchen Layout 43Enlarge

Makeover your modern kitchen with this modified U shaped kitchen design with an island counter. Not only does it offer more cooking space, but it also gives the room an airy, roomy feeling in an open layout plan. The central countertop accommodates the cooking hob while the connected island doubles up as a breakfast bar counter with a sink at the end. Opposite the island is the vertical storage included with the refrigerator unit.

Size: 18'-6" x 18'-6" 342 sq.ft.
Width: 222 Inch Length: 222 Inch

Kitchen Plan 44

Kitchen Layout 44Enlarge

This spectacular layout uses countertops and cabinets to gain maximum mileage. This follows a galley kitchen design that extends into both areas of this open-plan setting. The first space has counters on the opposite walls installed with a cooking station and sink. The other part is dedicated to storage with an island breakfast bar with a sink in the middle. The oven is also incorporated with the tall storage.

Size: 24'-4" x 13'-9" 260 sq.ft.
Width: 165 Inch Length: 292 Inch

Kitchen Plan 45

Kitchen Layout 45Enlarge

This modified L shaped kitchen has a cooker hob in the centre with a sink and fridge opposite ends in the space-saving triangle arrangement. The U shaped open design extends into the roomy and bright dining area.

Size: 17'-4" x 13'-6" 230 sq.ft.
Width: 162 Inch Length: 208 Inch

A kitchen layout must be practical, functional as well as satisfy the aesthetic taste of the homeowner. It should also ensure ease in performing kitchen chores and offer storage to keep all the clutter out of site and counters free for cutting and cleaning activities. The setting can be modern or traditional but must be timeless in design and enduring in its build quality. Clever use of natural light keeps electricity bills low while artificial lights can be added for dramatic effect and kitchens with the natural light shortage.

Choice of plumbing fixtures, appliances, pots, and pans must fulfil the family's requirements; special fittings can be added where necessary. Lastly, the layout must tie together every aspect of the kitchen into one wholesome unit while utilising every inch of the premium space. Above all, it must fit your budget!

We have designed the above 45 layouts to guide homeowners and businesses carrying out either a refurbishment or building new kitchens. Browse through for a feel of the many choices that are available to you.

Kylie Wall

Kylie Wall
Kylie Wall is a home decor expert and writer at QS Supplies, where she combines her passion for design with practical advice to help readers beautify their bathrooms and kitchens. Her concise, trend-focused insights make her a valued resource for homeowners seeking to elevate their living spaces.