Bathroom Taps at Cheap Prices !!

Bathroom Taps are crucial elements used in every bathroom, either if it’s a basin, bath or any sanitary ware. At QS Supplies, we stock a complete series of bathroom taps for all bathroom application. Updating bathroom taps are a cost effective way to give your entire washroom a facelift, and great styles come naturally when a bathroom has stunning taps. We invite you to take a look at our range of brassware and select the right tap that would perfectly blend with your bathroom.

Basin Taps


Prices from £ 12.40

Basin Mixer Tap


Prices from £ 20.39

Premium Mixer Tap


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Bath Taps


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Bath Shower Mixer


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Premium Shower Mixer


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Tap Packs


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Bath Filler Tap


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Kitchen Mixer Tap


Prices from £ 23.23

Kitchen Taps


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Sensor Tap


Prices from £ 60.35

Bidet Mixer Tap


Prices from £ 32.05

Manual Shower Valves


Prices from £ 30.76

Shower Valves


Prices from £ 30.76

Chrome Side Valves


Prices from £ 52.01

Stop Valves


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Bib Taps


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Shower BodyJets


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Slide Rail Kits


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Shower Sets


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Shower Pumps


Prices from £ 101.99

Centrafill Bath Fillers


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Rain Bars


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Shower Handsets


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Shower Heads


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Wastes and Traps


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How to Select the Right Taps for the Bathroom...

Redesigning bathroom can be a great start for home improvement plan, since one can test their skills on what's usually a relatively small space before moving on to something bigger. But with the big decisions to be made about bathroom fixtures and fittings, many people forget to choose bathroom taps until the last minute. However, taps are the elegant final touch to the perfect bathroom. So, how do you go about choosing the right tap for your bathroom?

Taps Practicalities
A lot of your choice will be determined by the type of plumbing that you have. Sinks and baths can be plumbed to different configuration, usually either a single tap or two separate taps. On top of that, one should also think about water pressure, since many taps today have water saving features. Using a tap with a water saving feature on an already low water pressure pipe will result in having a trickle of water rather than a flow. If you're unsure about either of these things, your should seek advise from your plumber.

Tap Style
When thinking about the kind of taps that you're going to buy, you want to think about the décor of your bathroom. Bathroom Taps should complement the existing fixtures and fittings of your room. There are many different styles of tap available nowadays, from traditional or retro styles, to more modern, sharp edged styles. You want something that fits your bathroom. Whilst high, modern looking taps are fashionable, if you have an otherwise classic looking bathroom, these taps won't suit your room at all. When it comes to material, you won't have an awful lot of choice though. Nearly all taps today are chrome or stainless steel, which are hard wearing and easy to clean. You can find old style brass taps occasionally, but these are generally very expensive.

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