Shower Wastes Explained

Published on: 10/07/2018 Last Updated: 27/08/2019
Shower Waste Explained

With the advent of modern-day shower trays and enclosures, wastes and traps have become efficient and essential to maintain desirable hygiene. Wastes form an important part of a bathroom set up and can be used in shower trays, tubs and basins. These are also found in kitchen areas at the exit point for wastewater to drain out. These devices are connected to pipes that form part of the plumbing and carry wastewater out of the home. These are also connected to an overflow to discharge excess water. When water doesn’t drain effectively, it can lead to leaks and damage due to water, therefore, making this the all-important devices.

Shower Waste Sizes

50mm turbo flow shower tray waste: You no longer have to settle for slow draining showers with the fast flow wastes available in 50mm. Designed for use with shower trays with a 50mm hole, waste available at our on-line store are made from top quality materials and polished to perfection. Offering a fast flow rate 50mm models will drain out the shower quickly, maintaining hygiene. These devices are easy to install and maintain.

90mm Fast Flow models: You can also install a 90mm shower waste for quick removal of wastewater from any shower or wet room. Extracting water efficiently, working with modern day technology, these are yet another commonly found option in shower wastes. These fast flow shower wastes can easily handle even the most powerful showers and cleaning your bathroom is a breeze.

How Does Fast Flow Shower Waste Work

Our Top Picks

Lauren 90mm Fast Flow Shower Tray Waste

Lauren 90mm Fast Flow Shower Tray Waste

The wondrous, innovatively designed, Fast Flow Shower Waste from Lauren is a practical bathroom utility. Crafted from top quality material, it comes in eye-catching chrome finish. Stylish and functional, this shower waste will effectively drain out your wastewater, giving you a clean and hygienic shower area every time. You can also have a look at our complete range of Shower Waste.

Just Tray JTFLOW 50mm Shower Waste Chrome Plated

JTFLOW Shower Waste

Among its most popular products are shower wastes and Just Trays has introduced another top quality product, the JTFLOW Shower Waste. It comes with a minimal smart design dressed in a shiny chrome finish. The 50 mm shower waste rapidly removes wastewater at 38 litres every minute, keeping your shower space dry and puddles away. The dome can be removed for thorough cleaning. The best part is that this device is made from recycled materials, making it an environmentally superior alternative to other products.

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