What are Flat Panel Radiators?

Published on: 19/08/2018 Last Updated: 27/08/2019
Flat Panel Radiators

These type of radiators are convector heaters with more aesthetic appeal than some of their older counterparts. Convection heating works by transferring the heat from the water or fuel inside the radiator to the air around it via convection currents. Convector radiators are fuelled by gas, electricity or oil, and central heating systems utilise this type of radiator. Powerful, reliable and long-lasting, flat panel radiators are the ideal choice for heating upgrades or replacements. They are also a great investment for new builds and extensions.

What do the terms single, double and triple mean?

When choosing this type of radiator, you will encounter terminology such as single, double and triple. These terms refer to the number of panels that the hot water or fuel can pass through. The panel itself may be one flat sheet, or it may consist of a series of flat pipes. The more panels there are, the greater the maximum heat output. However, although double radiators are commonly used within the home, and with some models even being available in a triple panel configuration, sometimes a single panel radiator is necessary.

A single panel radiator is often required in areas with limited space, for example in a narrow hallway where a wider heater would cause an obstruction. Often a single panel radiator will be sufficient in a small room such as a cloakroom. Sometimes a single is chosen purely for aesthetic reasons where it will be the best fit for existing décor or furnishings.

What are convector fins?

convector fins

Another term that may be encountered while browsing through this type of radiator is convector fins. These are corrugated metal inserts that are welded to the inside surfaces of panels. They increase the surface area of the radiator and thus generate a higher output of heat than panels alone. As with the number of panels, there is no right or wrong when it comes to the inclusion of convector fins. Often it will simply depend on the preferred design of radiator.

What styles of flat panel are available?

There are many different designs available to suit every taste and spatial requirement. Rectangular in shape, the first choice to make is between horizontal and vertical styles. Horizontal is often practical for the majority of homes whilst vertical radiators can be ideal for narrow walls and bathrooms. These are available in a variety of finishes including white, stainless steel, chrome and black to enable the perfect traditional or contemporary look to complement your home.

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