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If there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s the fact that we all have to use the toilet every day. It’s not something that is often discussed in polite conversation, but it is a fact of life.

With all these trips to the bathroom every day, it got us thinking about the sheer volume of toilet roll we go through every year.

If, like us, you would like nothing more than to find out how much toilet roll you’ve used throughout your life so far, find your age on our table below to discover the average number of rolls you’ve used, how many trees this equates to, and even how many lengths of Wembley Stadium your used toilet roll could stretch!

These numbers are worked out using the calculation that the average person uses nine sheets of toilet paper per toilet visit, giving an average of 57 sheets used throughout each day after roughly 6-7 trips to the WC. This equates to 20,805 sheets of toilet paper per year, and with an average of 200 sheets to a roll, this means that the average person is going through 104 rolls of toilet paper every year.


Age Number of Toilet Roll Sheet Used Number Of Toilet Rolls Used Number Of Trees Used Centimetres (cm) Metres (m) Miles Number Of Lengths Of Wembley Stadium Pitch Number Of Lengths Of Silverstone Circuit

A Loo Roll Journey

We can see that the average person goes through an awful lot of toilet paper over the course of their lives, but we wanted to see just how far that loo roll could go.

Let’s imagine that you took your life’s worth of bog roll and laid it out, mapping out a route through the UK, starting from the City of London and working north. By the age of ten, you’ll have reached the outskirts of the capital in the borough of Barnet. Flash forward another ten years and you’ll be in Hemel Hempstead.

If you’re lucky enough to live for a whole century, your toilet roll journey will have taken you all the way to Nottingham!


We used averages for the number of toilet paper sheets used per toilet visit and day, as well as the number of rolls created by one tree from ToiletPaperHistory.net.

The number of sheets per roll is taken from Andrex toilet paper as listed by Tesco.

The average length of a sheet of toilet paper is taken from Wikipedia.