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700mm High Central Heating Radiators

Energy efficiency is necessary in today’s world to save our valuable resources and planet. Homeowners are increasing become aware of this and wanting to contribute to the “go green” thinking. Here we have showcased a full range of 700mm High Central Heating Radiators that look stunning in any home and are energy efficient and thereby cost effective.




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Why 700mm High Radiators

The radiator is the main distributor of the end product; it is true that the pipes transporting the heat do give off a low level of warmth, but this is not enough to keep an entire house warm. Hence, the radiator must be large enough to cope with the size of the room and the intended level of heat that is to be distributed. Quite basically, the larger the room, and the more people typically within it, the bigger the radiator. Additionally, the pipes leading to the radiator will be larger in order to keep a steady flow of heat and keep up with demand. A walk around any house or residential setting will show that the smaller rooms and cupboards will contain small radiators, if any at all.

Secondly, a compact radiator will have either one or two heating panels. As you may suspect, two-panel versions will supply double the amount of heat. However, keep in mind that these tend to be a bit thicker and more robust. If you are dealing with a limited amount of space, this thickness could become an issue. Many modern types also contain what are known as convector fins. In simplest terms, these are sections of folded metal to help increase the surface area of the radiator. Radiators that boast this addition are able to provide much more heat than single or double panel radiators that comes without convector fins. If you live in a particularly cold environment or should the radiator be located underneath a window could be a great addition to keep in mind. Above, we have showcased an entire range of 700mm high radiators, which includes convector fins for single and double panel radiators; and are large enough to warm up any large room size.

I purchased the 1400 x 700 radiator as a replacement for a much older product and am particularly pleased with it as it much slimmer than the original and has a greater heat output. It was a good price and I intend to buy others in the future.
Overall Rating:   4 StarReview Left by: Rodger Williamson on October 3, 2015
Quality : 5 Stars
Value for Money : 5 Stars
Style : 4 Stars

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