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Under-floor heating at QS Supplies

Underfloor electric heating systems work to heat your floor by using radiation to transmit heat instead of convection, which is how most heating systems work. These systems are becoming increasingly popular in the United Kingdom, given that they are far more energy-efficient. We offer different styles of radiant floor heating systems, but in each case, the basic functional concept is the same: radiant heat is spread out evenly over floor space. Picture comforting warmth spreading out like water.

Our collection of underfloor heating systems, mats, thermostats, insulation and related accessories integrate to get you the pleasantly heated floors you need. At QS Supplies, we have helped numerous satisfied customers select the right Underfloor Heating for them. No more stepping out of your warm shower on a cold morning and putting your feet on cold tiles; you instead step onto a warm, dry floor.

Underfloor heating systems give you the advantage of heating without needing much space as these are hidden, and their running costs are lower than conventional heating systems. You can combine this set-up with bathroom essentials and furniture to craft a desirable bathroom space. We offer Underfloor Heating Products from leading brands Sunstone and Warmup.


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