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Horizontal Radiators

Horizontal radiators are heating appliances with horizontally placed columns or panels that comprise the heating surface. Design and heating efficiency are factors to consider when looking for the right radiator for your interiors. When it comes to heating efficiency, you need to consider the size of the room to be heated and the BTU of the radiator.

Traditionally, most radiators were Horizontal with panels or columns, the numbers of which could be increased for heating large areas. Although the horizontal orientation does not affect the heating efficiency of the appliance, it can play a vital role in the decor needs of a space.

When it comes to the choice of a Horizontal radiator, it comes down to the individual preference of the user and the design of the space. Best suited to traditional homes, Horizontal radiators can also satisfy ultra-modern needs. This radiator can easily sit below the window sill where the natural air draughts from your windows help faster heating and ensure better circulation. This is an excellent choice when you need a simple, discrete design as they are perfect for very low-height wall installations. Horizontal units have been around for years and, therefore, are readily available in different variants so that you are sure to find one that suits almost any kind of space. Finding a near-perfect replacement for your existing radiator is also easy.

We stock various vertical and horizontal radiators in different sizes, colours, designs, and finishes at our online store. Select from Compact Radiators, Flat Radiators, Column Radiators, Cast Iron Radiators, and traditional column styles to newer flat panel and wall-mounted models. Our brands include Tivolis, Bisque, Kartell, MHS, and many more.


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