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Gas Fires

Gas Fires has been inspired by the golden era of Victorian time. We invite you to take a look at our complete line that features polished and classic design and offers tremendous heat output. Feel free to browse our range that includes inset, outset, no chimney and Hole in the wall models.




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Tips on Selecting Gas Fires

Homeowners in modern properties might prefer the clean lines and minimal projection of a wall mounted fireplace, while period properties might benefit from the addition of a more traditional stone effect fireplace. Wall mounted fireplaces are, fixed to the wall. They can be very modern in appearance, but still, provide the same pleasing glow and warmth of a traditional fire. They are suitable for installation in most rooms, but owners of period properties might prefer a more classic style with a traditional surround.

When choosing a fireplace surround, it's important to not only take into account the rest of your home's decor, but also the available space. A well-chosen surround should be in proportion to the room. Larger rooms, especially those with high ceilings, can generally take grander surrounds which might look out of place in homes where space is at a premium. Fireplace surrounds are available in a wide range of materials and styles, meaning it's never been easier to enhance your home with a fire while retaining your own sense of style.

Before you start looking at gas fires, it's important to check what kind of flue - if any - your chosen room has. Flue-less fires are popular in modern homes and are available as either electric or gas fires. Flue-less fires are easily installed in most types of properties, making them ideal for almost all homes. They are an excellent choice for those living in flats or apartments.

Types of Gas Fires

Available in a range of different styles these days, and each model has a number of different benefits for the home. People who are choosing to install a gas fire in their home should take the time to check out the different models so that they select the one that best reflects their needs. Here is a selection of the most popular types of models in the United Kingdom.

Conventional Flue

This traditional model is especially designed to suit period homes and homes that feature a classic period design. They are typically found in homes that were built in the 18th and early 19th century that have a large fireplace with a chimney, and are usually created in a standard size and commonly come with either brass or black finishes. The popular addition of a magnetic trim makes these models easy to maintain and modify as and when required. Some models also have a single piece fascia frame that is usually made from cast iron, while they may also have interiors that are made from dark coloured marble. Traditional models manufactured with the latest technology looks elegant and impressive, and are energy efficient, and effective in generating a lot of heat in the room.

High Efficiency (HE)

Both outset and inset models are available with this type of gas fire, and one of their main advantages is that they do not need to have a glass front. This is because the flue gases are either drawn out by a special fan unit that is powered by electricity or vented through an external wall. A high-tech microprocessor is used to control the fan unit and monitor the performance of the model. The microprocessor ensures very safe performance, as it will turn off the fire if there is an operation failure, although this rarely occurs. People who are interested in this model should be aware that it needs an electrical supply in order to function

Balanced Flue, Flueless and Powerflue

This glass-fronted model features both outset and inset variations and uses a special horizontal co-axial pipe to vent air and fumes directly through an external wall. Flueless models work without the need for a chimney or flue pipe, making them ideal for modern homes. Flueless gas fires are clean burning and come with a catalytic converter. As the air is drawn through the outer pipe, the combustion gases are then expelled through the model’s inner pipe. One of the advantages of this model is that it does not need an electrical supply in order to function. Flueless fires are energy efficient and a great choice for high-rises and apartment blocks.

Hang on the wall/ Hole in the Wall

This model is becoming very popular in modern homes due to its sleek design and the fact that it does not take up a lot of space. This model is also known as a wall mounted gas fire and is available in a wide range of styles and sizes. One of the main benefits of this model is that it can be installed in the home without needing a hearth, while it also gives out a lot of heat from the combustion products, which circulate the fire bed for a much longer time. Some can also be mounted flush against the wall to take up the tiniest possible space.

Inset & Outset

Inset Gas fires are those where the fire stays within the fireplace opening. Outset fires offer impressive heat outputs and are work equally well with chimney or flue types. Outset fires are generally vintage types and feature wood casings to bring that traditional look and can be matched to your furniture. Models include high-level switches and convector models. Outset versions may have a traditional design but make a modern statement in any home.

We offer a complete range of gas fires, standard and premium including slimline and full depth model. These come in different sizes, finishes, colours and price points. Take a look at our exclusive collection, if you have any queries feel free to give us a call at 0116 251 0051 and we will be happy to assist you.

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A Fantastic fire. I'm so pleased with my purchase and really impressed with the heat output, overall appearance, and high quality of the product.
Overall Rating:   5 StarReview Left by: MOIRA HUGHES on November 28, 2016
Quality : 5 Stars
Value for Money : 5 Stars
Style : 5 Stars

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Delivery was as promised. Fire was fitted quickly into surround that had contained the CANNON Caress fire. In theory it is not as efficient as the old fire but heat output is good and it looks a bit more realistic. We were surprised how hot the brass surround became so you have to make sure you touch the insulated portion of the handle when adjusting the flame. . Slide control is rather sensitive and has no notches to give feedback so adjustment of flame can be tricky. We are very pleased with our purchase and the price was the best we could find.
Overall Rating:   4 StarReview Left by: Robert Saunders on November 8, 2016
Quality : 5 Stars
Value for Money : 4 Stars
Style : 5 Stars

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beautiful fire easy to use ,nice & hot(no central heating!)
Overall Rating:   5 StarReview Left by: heather huggett on October 26, 2016
Quality : 5 Stars
Value for Money : 5 Stars
Style : 5 Stars

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