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Nahho Baths

Whether you are creating a minimalist space or a relaxing sanctuary in your bathroom, you would love Duravit Nahho Baths. Available in a variety of sizes, each bath has been manufactured with the latest bathroom interior schemes in mind. Browse the range, and if you have any queries, please call us at 0116 251 0051.



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Duravit has collaborated with leading Austrian design team EOOS to create Nahho, its innovative and elegant new range of bath tubs and whirlpool baths. The emphasis is on physical comfort and relaxation; an introduction to the ultimate bathing experience.

All baths in the Duravit Nahho series are flotation baths – think flotation tank but without the lid. One can experience the same with Nahho, as you can fully stretch out with all the limbs extended. You can then have a warm bath, which would loosen your muscle, along with your favourite music, via integrated in-bath sound system built by Duravit.

The sound system is easy to install and need only a mains switch and a cable to power the 2x30 watt speakers situated underneath the tub. When the music is playing, the entire tub serves as a sound chamber, enabling you to hear everything with the same clarity under water as above it. The system can be operated via any Bluetooth-compatible device, giving you high-quality audio with controllable volume. All this technology, as well as fittings, are concealed behind an unobtrusive panel. Visual clutter is thus eliminated, enhancing the sense of clarity and stillness.

Further comfort can be yours by using the adjustable matte ceramic head-rest, modelled on a classic North African ‘bushman’ style, giving your neck and head sure and gentle support as your body sways weightlessly. The LED lighting system, which can be controlled from the bath, will shed a restfully soft coloured light that eases tired eyes. The Durapearl system, based on 12 pneumatically powered air jets mix air and water to create a swirling effect.

The visual aspect of the Nanho also spells pure relaxation. Duravit Nahho range positively exudes tastefulness in its marriage of convenient compactness with a cool, minimalist aesthetic. A classic sense of balance is conveyed by the clean, rectilinear emphasis on simple lines and enhanced by the beautiful Alpine White ceramics that comprise the Nahho series's structural materials.

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