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Duravit Sensowash Smart Toilets & Bidets

Duravit's SensoWash range of smart toilet seats are a fantastic combination of functionality, futuristic design and enhanced comfort. Versatile enough for use with Darling New, DuraStyle, Happy D 2, P3 Comforts and the Starck ranges. The toilet seat works quietly with its special sanitary operation. It comes with a sensor to regulate the water temperature, easy washing processes, a surge of warm air to dry the wet portions and much more. The comfort is enhanced through features like comfort-wash, lady-wash, and rear wash operated through remote control. Duravit designers take special pride in the elegance of the flat-lid designs, which works seamlessly with the innovative engineering elements. Its latest version is the SensoWash Slim, beneficial for public and semi-public areas.

Countless trials and consumer test runs have produced a system of unparalleled comfort and effectiveness called the SensoWash Slim toilet. The included remote control signals the toilet's inbuilt receiver to provide one of several options for cleansing with the pre-set heated shower: Rear wash, Ladywash or Comfortwash. When finished, you don't have to touch the toilet again, as it closes automatically using a sensor – this same motion detector opens the lid and seat when you're ready to start using the toilet. The Duravit SensoWash Slim toilet is intended to be a hassle-free product of essentially perfect hygiene, with easy maintenance–intended for public use or semi-public use.

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