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Duravit Inipi Sauna

Originating in the Far East since ancient times, the use of steam for improving health is today a global phenomenon. The I-ni-pi ceremony is an ancient purification ceremony of the Red Indians of North America. Stones are heated in a fire, then placed into a central pit in the lodge, and water is poured on the stones to create hot steam. Duravit has tried to replicate the health benefits of the traditional Sauna with their aptly named Inipi Sauna range. Needless to say, both series speak of unmatched construction quality and are immensely attractive. Every model is powered with hi-tech technology and crafted with precision, to suit and fit into every bathroom. The main function of steaming is well-engineered to function with utmost practicality in your bathroom setting to gain its healthful benefits.



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Why Having a Sauna at your Home Would be a Good Investment for Well-being?

  • It improves skin tone and condition. Being in the sauna aids in the blood flow to the skin, which helps new skin grow and stay hydrated. You’ll look younger.
  • Your hair will look better after a few sessions in the steam room.
  • Sweating helps your body release toxins thereby detoxifying the organs.
  • The heat relaxes your muscles and speeds up healing of strained muscles after a workout. When your body temperature rises, blood vessels dilate, which increases blood circulation throughout your body.
  • The calming heat of the sauna can help you sleep better and deeper
  • A sauna room offers social benefits, especially in today’s society that is more reliant on technology and forgets to connect with individuals. You can take your time to socialize with friends in a shared Sauna.
  • Saunas are thought to improve cardiovascular performance. When the skin heats up, the heartbeat goes faster. This helps to train the heart muscles to improve their output. As metabolism goes-up, you also lose weight faster.
  • Studies show that regular use of sauna can improve the body’s immune system to ward off colds and influenza. The steam can also clear up congestion from allergies or respiratory problems.
  • Saunas reduce stress. The warmth of the steam, the retreat of the room, and the peaceful environment all contribute to a feeling of relaxation where your body, mind, and soul can be restored. There’s no electronics to focus on, and you can simply enjoy the moment. Enjoy the health benefits of a sauna by trying it out for yourself.

Above we have showcased, Inipi Series of Sauna and Steam Baths from Duravit, that bring to you different models that offer you an unprecedented Sauna and Steam Showering pleasure to replenish your body and soul. As elegant as they are healthy, they make the most inviting addition to your homes.

Duravit Inipi Sauna

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