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Welcome to the new and Improved Section of our Bathroom Sections. Over Here you would be able to purchase all your bathroom requirements, such as Bathroom basins, Baths for Bathrooms or Shower Enclosure. From Small bathroom fittings to huge Bathroom Suite, you can purchase almost every bathroom accessory on-line and under one roof. Select the right accessory or suite for your bathroom at the price from our on-line store.



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Luxurious and Modern Bathroom Collection at Competitive Price.

Bathrooms have always been an important room in the house. Nowadays people spend a lot of money to decorate their bathrooms. The definition of bathroom has changed from time to time and today it's not just a simple room with a single ended bath. But now you get Enclosures, bathroom vanities, cabinets, mirrors and many day to day used bathroom accessories.

As there are many ways to plan a modern style bathroom. There are certain basics to consider when designing a new bathroom such as the shape and size of sinks, baths, basins, toilets, accessories and bathroom lights.

We have showcased the latest range of bathroom products in our online shop, where you'd be able to select the right product that will blend with your existing or new bathroom design. We have showcased innovative shapes designer baths, shower baths and shower enclosures including folding bath screens that fuses easily with any bathroom decor. At our on-line store you can also find interesting accessories that would give a beautiful illusion in your bathroom and are highly functional and practical at the same time. Bathroom Products at web store is not only synonymous with innovative design and superior quality, but we are also proud to distribute some of the world's leading luxurious bathroom brands which are recognised for their exclusivity and style.

At our on-line store we have a wide range of selections of bathroom accessories. We stock bathroom accessory from SMEDBO, BRISTAN and various other brands. And if you are looking to install a shower, depending on water pressure in your property we have a whole new range of Power shower and electric showers from MIRA and TRITON. A Variety of bathroom items is listed at our site.