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Where Does All The



& The Poop Journey Begins

Encountered by Cockroaches & Water Bugs

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Wastewater passes through a channel of sewers and to the sewage treatment plant. Here, the wastewater is cleaned of large debris that may obstruct or damage the equipment. Large objects include nappies, tissues, rags and even bricks. Thereafter, the human waste or poop is separated from the water and converted to “sludge”. The clear water at the top is taken away for further treatment.

Water With Germs

Goes for Further Treatment

Further Treatment

Of Sludge Water



The Sludge that is collected is then treated by employing one or many of the following processes that include lime stabilization, thickening, or anaerobic digestion. Sludge that is collected is also treated and reused as manure for farming or used to generate gas.

Collection of Sludge Water

Further Used to Create Energy & Gas

Treated Sludge Used For Farming

To The Farms

Treated Sludge finds widespread applications; it is used as landfill, incinerated, or used as manure for farming or to generate biogas. It is also used to generate energy that turns turbines, runs windmills, lights-up your homes and greenhouses and provides cooking gas. Being rich in nutrients from human waste, it makes for a high quality organic fertilizer that helps your crops grow and that too without the use of any chemicals.



Although visibly clean, the water still harbours bad bacteria and needs further treatment. In the secondary treatment, good bacteria are made to feed on the nasty germs until all of them are killed.



The treated water then goes to a settlement tank where good bacteria sink to the bottom and create more sludge which is either removed or treated. The pure, clean water can now be safely reused. Tertiary treatment can be applied individually or combined to meet emission or water quality standards.

Back to River

Now the wastewater is clean, it can be returned to local rivers and streams.