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Selecting The Right Security System for your Home

Published on: 03/03/2011 Last Updated: 13/06/2022
Security Locks

There are many ways to secure a home or a commercial property, but the most innovative approach that is preferred nowadays is alarms, cameras and reliable locks. Having perfect home security is must for every home owner, especially if seniors are there in homes it becomes a compulsion. Specially most of the homeowners install glass doors for their homes and windows to enjoy a regular view outside their homes. But these types of doors and windows may also invite thieves and criminals and are remarkably easy to break in.

But there are some easy and effective ways that can improve your home security. Instead of choosing glass external doors, it’s recommended choosing solid external door. It’s recommended installing strong locks or deadbolts on any door. By installing home security system such as alarms and cameras, which features 24 hours monitoring can make you rest assure that home is on constant watch. Home owners also prefer installing motion sensor security lights outside their house. Sensor security lights get turned on if someone gets too close to one’s property. These types of security lights are valuable during evenings and nights. Make sure trees outside your house are properly tripped so that you can easily view if there are any trespassers passing by.

Security System Locks

Most of the home owners who can’t afford high tech security systems install fake cameras. That’s a terrific way to protect your home. Burglars get scared away even if they see a fake camera. Not many burglars can make a difference between fake and true ones. But if you can afford original cameras its recommended to install the right ones.

There are so many high tech security gadgets available in the market. By exploring our on-line shop, you can get access to various external and interior doors which are strong and durable.

DIY Wireless Home Security

These days you can buy various security system kits that you can set up yourself. They provide wireless surveillance monitoring, sensors, and alarms that connect to mobile devices such as your phone, providing control and alerting you upon intrusion or break in. Key features in such home security systems generally include:

  • Entryway sensors - Useful for placing in the doorways, or windows, of a home to alert you upon an intruder's entry.
  • Motion sensors - Can be placed anywhere else in the home. These days smart sensors can differentiate between intruders and non-threatening things like pets.
  • Glass-break sensors - Useful for monitoring the windows of likely entry-points.
  • Security cameras - Digital CCTV cameras have become a lot more advanced over the years and are compact and affordable.
  • Video doorbells - Can connect to you phone and show you who's there when they press the doorbell.
  • Remote Controls - Customisable remote controls to connect all your security gadgets to one control device.
  • Floodlights - a simple way of deterring intruders is by illuminating your property at night.
  • Panic buttons - Sometimes a quick response from a security company or the police is needed.

Unlocking Technology: a brief look at locks!

Nothing is so important in everyone’s lives today, more than the simple act of Locking! From locking of mobiles to cupboards, the most important act, we religiously follow is securing a property, whether it is a home, office or a piece of a land. Locks are crucial for security and for safeguarding valuables and assets, making them one of the most vital tools in the history of humankind’s progress into civilization. It is ironic that the need for Locks has risen due to the machinations that come from the human mind, and the invention of the Lock too is a product of the human mind. This is one aspect, which has not changed over the ages and probably never will.


As fast as technology invent new and more foolproof products for security, the faster do criminal minds find the way to unlock them. It is no wonder that the Lock making industry is a constantly evolving one. The presence of Locks goes back a long way into the annals of civilisation. Archaeologists found a lock in the palace ruins of Khorsabad at Nineveh and reports suggest this lock was approximately 4000 years old. This ancient lock was quite simple, consisting of a wooden bolt, which had many holes on its upper surface, where wooden pegs were inserted to keep a door closed. It is believed to be the ancestor of the common Egyptian lock and the typical pin and tumbler lock that followed it. The traditional lock and key, locks were the only ones used until 1960. Low security and built in flaws, a new breed of mechanical locks, were thereafter invented.

Today the basic, lock has come a long way and is highly sophisticated and is a complicated piece of machinery. There are many different types of locks available in the market, with different types of technologies and features, from the traditional lock to the Biometric ones.

The mechanical types of locks can be categorized as:

  • Mortise locks – These locks are used for doors and cupboards and is installed on the inner side, with a cut-out where the lock is to be fitted.
  • Rim locks – These locks are attached to the surface of the door
  • Cylinder Security locks – such locks are more complicated and provide better security than lever locks

Besides including key- in –latch, cross bores, padlocks etc, but, all these can be compromised, and this has led to the entry of Keyless Locks. These locks are manufactured with cutting edge technology and provide many extra security benefits.

These Keyless locks consist of Pushbutton locks, which work with the pin and tumbler system, for access that is provided in a code. Keyless locks also include Electronic cipher locks and fingerprint locks. Constant need to upgrade security and make lock systems more sophisticated has led to the latest innovation in lock technology; the Biometric locking systems.

Cylinder Security locks

These are the most preferred locking systems today, as it uses a person’s unique identity for access, which cannot be replicated. Any aspect of a person can be used to operate a Biometric lock, from a finger print to voice to eye, face or hand scan. The Biometric Lock removes the need for traditional tools such as keys, codes, cards and etc. They also offer greater security as individual features are unique and only the authorized person gets access through a Biometric lock.

This latest locking system is becoming increasingly popular due to its convenience, state of the art security and sophistication. Currently they are fast replacing mechanical locks in all areas of life, but this is just the beginning, as with time and the advent of futuristic technology, the making of a lock should turn up some highly interesting developments.

Information on Padlocks

Padlocks were first invented by the Egyptians, 4000 years ago. And since then there has been enhancement in design and locking mechanism for padlocks. Nowadays, padlocks are available in a variety of choices which includes materials, colour, locking mechanism, shape and size.

Information on Padlocks

Different Types of Padlocks

Although, there are many padlocks available in the market, but in this article, we will discuss Classic Brass Padlocks, High Security Padlocks, Combination Padlocks and Discuss Padlocks.

Classic Brass Padlocks

These types of padlocks are made from solid brass and offers reliable security. These types of Padlocks are common in Asia. These types of Padlocks last long as they are manufactured from non-corrosive materials. These types of locks are suitable for outdoor use.

Combination Padlocks

These types of locks are the most common types of locks for luggage bags. They consist of numbers and symbols. In order to open or lock these types of Padlocks, one needs to set a series of numbers. But the drawback of these types of locks is that you need to remember the series of numbers that you have set to open and close. Usually people forget the code, if they don’t use it for a longer.

High Security Padlocks

High security Padlocks are manufactured using hardened steel and offers ultra-high security. These types of Padlocks are bump proof and are reliable. These types of padlocks are impossible to pick, and it’s impossible to drill; therefore, it becomes extremely hard to break these types of Padlocks.

High Security Padlocks

Discus Padlocks

Discus Padlocks are usually cylindrical in shape. They feature deadbolt locking mechanism. These types of padlocks offer outstanding security cylinder, and it’s hard to drill or cut, as they are manufactured with hardened steel rotating shackle and they are bump resistant.

Door & Window Security.

Door and Window Security

Windows and doors are always important for a house; needless to say, they vitally serve as the right space for entry and exit, and also allowing ventilation or fresh breeze into the house. Brandishing the baton of ideas to protect such vital components of the house, which may attract unscrupulous and malicious intents and elements, in other words, burglars or thieves or intruders with ill will, becomes imperative. The most important thing to know is that you can’t stop eyes roving and craving to do a house break theft, either through the door or window.

As far as doors are concerned, locks are the key protection. They protect the entire house/offices and many other such locations, so it’s reason enough to have an amply strong locking system. Do you ever come to know if the lock is old enough, impaired and worn out, and needs to be replaced? We don’t realise when they have conked off, or when they are about to, after years of usage and extensive abrasion, rust or internal corrosion; because we entirely rely on them leaving the entire house/office at their disposal to take care of it. There may also be situations when we misplace the locks and keys, which can’t absolve us from the responsibility of being aware and vigilant, yet we tend to neglect. If they get lost or stolen, you can only have them replaced or resort to a locksmith for getting a new one. If there’s a mishap like a theft or an untoward and unpleasant incident like any of those mentioned above, then we end up cursing our fate, bad luck and the amiss.

doors Security

In the modern age, dependency should be on the latest technology that can assure optimum safety. One of the results of efficacious technology and mechanism is the Barrel Bold systems, and they can be ideal installations for doors and window locks. Parallel options may be combinations locks that can be apt for security and accessibility of cabinets, safes, boxes etc. Whilst hinge system or anchoring bolts can be perfect for sheds, gates and so on.

Windows can be further fortified with security films. The sheet of effect resistant polyester, flexible and transparent can always be a recourse one can resort to, because the film binds the glasses, even if they are shattered. It requires power and force to shatter or break, yet they don’t let the glass particles break apart, thus, dissuading burglars or thieves from being persistent, for they also make a lot of noise whilst being broken, and can alert neighbours. They are available in myriad sizes and thickness. They substantially serve and protect from solar rays, apart from toiling as quintessential security shield against malicious and unscrupulous elements.

Information on Security Chains

Information on Security Chains

Security chains are one of the most popular hardware items to secure motorbikes, bikes and doors. Security chains are available in a variety of sizes and materials. For External doors, security chains are not that thick, compared to what is used for motorbikes and bikes. But security chains for doors are not considered as the safest option. By replacing door chains with door viewers, you can see, who’s standing out of your door.

But burglar and thieves have got smart enough. They stand in such a way that they don’t come in a radius of door lens. So it can be a better option of installing both, door viewer and security chain. By installing a door viewer lens, which covers 180 to 200 degree, can give you maximum optics.

These types of chains offers reliable security & are common in Asia and last long as they are manufactured from non-corrosive materials & are suitable for outdoor use.

Sarabeth Asaff

Reviewed By: Sarabeth Asaff
Sarabeth Asaff is a former kitchen and bathroom designer who now works as a home and garden industry writer and expert. She has a working knowledge of all areas of the home improvement industry, and specializes in functional design and material advice.

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