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Duravit L-Cube

In our complex modern world, simplicity and minimalism has become an almost an art. And simplicity is said to inspire clarity and concentration. This is how designer Christian Werner describes the vision that gave rise to L-Cube – a bathroom furniture collection that just simple and elegant with no frills attached. Thus, there is nothing to “distract”, the bathroom user from true relaxation and helps achieve an almost meditative environment.






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Keep it Simple

The L Cube design by Duravit offers a unique and exquisite look for your bathroom, by taking the advantage of the minimalist design approach, and highlighting functionality and simplicity as its key selling point. This stylish and sleek piece of bathroom furniture is highly functional and serves as a focal point and fixture that will spark intrigue and conversation among your guests. The pieces in the L-Cube collection are geometrical and rectangular in shape that is seamless and uninterrupted. Unique features like the shadow gap between the countertop and the vanity units and the subdivision of the drawer fronts are the highlight of this furniture range. When design elements are minimal, it is pure elegance of form. Sanitaryware complements every unit when fitted alongside these rigid units for clean, uncluttered feeling.

About Duravit L Cube

The L-Cube is a collection from Duravit AG in collaboration with designer Christian Werner. The brand has worked with various prominent designers on many of their different product ranges to produce stunning pieces of uncompromised beauty and function. Since its founding almost 200 years ago, Duravit has conceived, produced and sold its unique series of bathroom furniture and fixtures and L-Cube is one of the most prominent ones.

Christian Werner is a renowned designer, who works closely with the highly selective team of creators for brand Duravit. He is the recipient of three Red Dot Awards; the highest design award recognized as an international quality seal.

The Many Styles and Types Available

What sets the L Cubes designs of Christian Werner apart from the rest of the bathroom furniture is the simplicity of the design, married to a high level of function. This not only makes the L Cube a stylish element that is elegant enough for any bathroom, but also a practical fixture, regardless of your personal style.

The choice is impressive—you have 108 models to choose for matching individual bathroom needs. Each of these models is built on a simple and stylish Cube platform, with comfort basin for washing. Additionally, you may choose from models that highlight the cleanness of the basin and cube housing or come equipped with multiple drawer units for storage. You also have a choice between a freestanding basin unit or one that can be attached to the bathroom wall. Your budget and sense of style will dictate which of the available models are appropriate for your home.

Choosing the Correct one

Given that there are over 100 individual L Cube products to choose from, it is important to find a model that not only meets your budget but also matches your lifestyle. Your bathroom space comes alive with the addition of the correct fixtures. If you have an active and busy family life, an L Cube with multiple drawers, providing you with much needed storage options, may be what you should choose. A simple vanity unit with comfort basin may be all the elegance you want or desire for your home. Think about your space and décor and choose among the many available units to complement these areas.

We love our new mirror it provides fantastic lighting and also looks stylish in our new bathroom. Very pleased with our purchase
Overall Rating:   5 StarReview Left by: Carolyn Jones on June 6, 2017
Quality : 5 Stars
Value for Money : 5 Stars
Style : 5 Stars

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