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Duravit Daro / Cape Cod Baths

Baths offer the focal point in any bathroom decor and have evolved immensely to aid relaxation and rejuvenation. Duravit Daro and Cape Cod range mainly focus on baths. Sweeping, graceful contours define the bath format, which merges effortlessly with many ceramic suites and furniture ranges to turn your bathroom into a stylish spa oasis. The range has luxurious rectangular baths designed to give you maximum bathing pleasure. With such close attention to design detail, perfectly matched materials, and the utmost respect for comfort, you can see why this unique bathtub is the pinnacle of corner bathtub achievement.

The Cape Cod range is a sight to behold the inspiration behind the new bathroom series by Philippe Starck and Duravit. Bring into the bath area the natural elements of the great outdoors. With Cape Cod, Duravit has reinvented the bathroom and converted it into a place of true rejuvenation for the mind, body, and soul. Every item in the collection is inspired by nature with absolutely no dilution, forms, and styling, also being organic. There is a generous use of wood and ceramic that will recall your various trips to the beach and forests. The range includes mirrors and splendid bathtubs. Another masterstroke of designs by noted designer Phillipe Starck, this range is made to delight the user

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