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Vitra Layton

The effectiveness of a product depends on its stillness. Stillness is a quality we have all come to admire but do very little to acknowledge it. The entire range of Layton sanitary-ware is crafted with the vision to display serenity with the intent of inspiring confidence and a feeling of settling into the daily bathroom routine. The moment your interaction with any of the ceramic-ware from this catalogue begins, it is sufficient to drive the user into everyday intimacy. Layton as a range evokes serenity and ease; all basins and toilets are designed to serve in a general bathroom environment and are compatible with current plumbing standards and layouts. The manufacturing process, which is quite uniquely structured for fashioning products in the Layton range, entails the use of very high quality material and artisans in order to kindle the feeling of being one with nature.

7 Products

7 Products

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