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Vitra Basins & Toilets

Comfortable, tranquil and visually appealing all at the same time, this is precisely what, this range is all about. Everything that the contemporary bathroom needs, all designed and produced by this renowned company, to the highest quality standards, provide excellent comfort and distinctive style in the interiors. Vitra’s semi-recessed basin and corner basin are gaining popularity for its contemporary looks and outstanding reliability. Comprising sturdy yet elegant basins, WC pans and bidets, Vitra Sanitaryware also provides excellent urinals.

The wide range of basins for vanity and cloakroom, is made from the most robust quality material and are available in different sizes with the option of full and semi pedestals. Excellent finishes encase each of the beauty produced by this brand for a wow statement in the space. The brand is always focused on providing you with the utmost comfort and these products displayed below proves it right. The spectacular WC pans and bidets in this range offer a complete sensation in any bathroom, and the range includes various closed coupled WC pans, back-to-wall WC pans and wall hung pans incorporated with the toilet seat. The cisterns from Vitra are highly durable and can withstand the busy circumstances.

The zentrum range of basins from VitrA looks fab. If there were an area of focus that would acutely define Zentrum, then it would be the pursuit of functionality, which reflects in each of the items displayed in this series. Zentrum collection embraces everything contemporary and bold in its stylistic consideration and aesthetic taste, promising a state-of-the-art upgrade to any modern washroom. The ergonomic principle applied to the basins and WC pans enforces suitable posture for the body. Perfectly Designed toilet eliminates posture-related discomfort. Both full and semi-pedestal basin models are on display from Zentrum Series. Our Complete collection of Traditional back to wall, close coupled with cistern and the slight variation in accordance with contemporary designs and the modern day wall hung WC pans make the pan section comprehensive as well.

77 Products

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390 x 500mm Syphonic Urinal

£38.00 £ 85.00

Milton 450 x 355mm 1 Tap Hole Basin

£28.00 £ 62.00
Optional: Tap Hole Option

360 x 395mm Lowl Level WC Pan

£25.00 £ 58.00

Serenada 600mm 1Tap Hole Washbasin With Full Pedestal

£115.20 £ 192.00
Optional: Tap Hole Option

Serenada 565 x 485mm 1 Taphole Semi-Recessed Washbasin

£100.20 £ 167.00
Optional: Tap Hole Option

Layton 450 x 350mm 1 Tap Hole Cloakroom Basin With Half Pedestal

£78.00 £ 120.00
Optional: Tap Hole Option

Layton 480mm Back-To-Wall WC Pan

£117.60 £ 147.00

420mm Countertop White Basin

£167.75 £ 305.00

455 x 460mm Countertop Basin

£166.01 £ 332.00

Commercial Arkitekt 420mm Wide Under-Counter Oval Basin

£83.86 £ 129.00
Optional: Sizes Available

Milton 455mm 1 Tap Hole Cloakroom Basin With Full Pedestal

£72.16 £ 111.00
Optional: Tap Hole Option

Zentrum 500mm Wall Hung WC Pan

£112.20 £ 187.00

Zentrum 495mm Semi Recessed Basin

£88.39 £ 136.00

VitrA Layton 650 x 490mm 1TH Basin With Half Pedestal

£79.31 £ 122.00
Optional: Tap Hole Option

Zentrum 450 x 370mm 1 Tap Hole Basin

£63.05 £ 97.00
Optional: Sizes Available

Layton 500 x 390mm 1 Tap Hole Cloakroom Basin With Half Pedestal

£78.00 £ 120.00
Optional: Tap Hole Option

Layton 550 x 450mm 1Tap Hole Basin With Half Pedestal

£79.31 £ 122.00
Optional: Tap Hole Option

Layton 600 x 475mm 1 Tap Hole Basin With Half Pedestal

£79.31 £ 122.00
Optional: Tap Hole Option

Zentrum Rim-Ex Wall Hung WC Pan

£123.76 £ 225.00

Integra 1 Tap Hole Round Ceramic Washbasin

£113.00 £ 113.00
Optional: Sizes Available

Integra 1200mm White Vanity Basin

£375.00 £ 375.00
Optional: More Variations Available

Integra White Vanity Basin With 1 Tap Hole

£215.00 £ 215.00
Optional: Sizes Available

Integra 1 Tap Hole Square Ceramic Washbasin

£113.00 £ 113.00
Optional: Sizes Available

Shift Toilet Seat And Cover

£85.00 £ 85.00
Optional: More Variations Available

Shift 540mm Rim-Ex Wall Hung WC Pan

£270.00 £ 270.00

Integra 540mm Floor Standing Bidet

£247.00 £ 247.00

Integra 540mm Wall Hung Bidet

£183.00 £ 183.00

Integra White Toilet Seat And Cover

£64.00 £ 64.00
Optional: More Variations Available

Integra Slim Soft-Close Toilet Seat

£110.00 £ 110.00

77 Products

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