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How to Fit a Shower into Your Small Bathroom

A lot of people try to remodel their bathrooms so they can fit a shower into it. The trouble is that if you’re an owner of a small bathroom you may struggle. Limited space can affect your options, but the good news is there are ways for you to get exactly what you want, no matter how big or small your bathroom is.

Many people love to have a shower rather than a bath because having a shower takes less time. If you’re busy in the mornings the last thing you want to do is fill your bath as it can take at least 10 minutes. If you’re quick you can have a perfectly good shower in just 5 minutes and still make it to work on time.

So what are your options? Can you really add a shower to your small bathroom? The fact is you can, and you can do this without compromising on space and still have a bathroom you love.

Remove the bath tub and add a shower

This may be one option you would like to consider. Getting rid of your bath tub will open up a lot more room and make your bathroom seem bigger. It can also help to breathe new life into a bathroom that is started to look a little dated.

Small Bathroom Design

If you don’t have many baths, this may be an option you would like to consider. You may not even miss having a bath after a while, as you can get a good soaking from standing under a shower. This option may also help to bring more light into your bathroom if it’s quite dark. But it can also help to modernize the space too. Make sure you don’t go for a shower and enclosure that is in fashion right now, as it may look dated in just six months. The best thing you can do is look for a shower that has a classic design, or a modern one that isn’t too bizarre. Great big clunky fixtures and fittings may look pretty cool now, but if and when your tastes change in the next year or so you may start to regret your decision.

Install a shower over your bath

This is an option a lot of people consider as it’s relatively easy and it means you can keep your bath. If you are struggling for space then you may need to remove your tub, but if you’re keen to make do with what you have, then this could be the option for you.

Shower Bath

Remember that you’ll have to add some sort of shower curtain or screen so the water doesn’t flow onto your floor. You should also make sure that your bathroom walls are either tiled or painted with bathroom paint so damp doesn’t start to form. You should also make sure that your bath is sealed properly if you plan to install a shower. You may not have any problems right now, but water hitting your bath from a new direction could cause you a few difficulties. If you’re worried about the direction of the water, buy and install a shower curtain that limits where the flow of water reaches. Don’t forget to let the curtain dry properly so mould doesn’t become an issue.

Bath Shower Curtains

Add a shower to the corner of the room

If you have enough space to add a shower to the corner of the room you should think about doing just that. Just make sure that you will have enough room to move around you bathroom as usual. Showers don’t take up too much room, but if you find you don’t have much anyway you could be severely limiting yourself.

Think about how much room you need to stand at the basin, to use the toilet and to get in and out of the bathroom. Don’t forget you’ll also need to think about where you’re going to hang your towels and store your shampoo, soap and other products. Remember you’ll need to open the door to your bathroom, and get to your towels, and dry off once you’ve showered. If you’re not sure you have enough room, measure up how much room you do have and work out how much space a corner shower will take up. If it’s not going to work, think about the other options that are available to you.

Small Bathrooms

What about a wet room?

You may have seen them in hotels and even in hospitals, wet rooms are a great idea and can totally transform your bathroom. Wet rooms allow you to place your shower pretty much wherever you would like it to be. They open up a lot of space and drain the water away immediately. Wet rooms may not be suitable for bathrooms that contain a toilet, so you may have to rethink this idea if yours does.

If you are ok with the thought of your toilet, basin and everything else in your bathroom getting wet when you take a shower, you could find having a wet room ideal. Wet rooms are pretty easy to keep clean as they have fewer surfaces, but you will need to make sure the room is well ventilated so damp doesn’t accumulate.

You should know that a wet room doesn’t have to look clinical, it can be pretty stylish. You can choose from a wide range of tiles that are specifically designed for wet rooms but they won’t make you feel like you’re in a hospital. This is so important because it means you can get the look you love and a wet room that does the job quite nicely.

Buy a curved shower enclosure

Occasionally shower enclosures can be big and bulky and take up a lot of room. One way to give yourself a little more space is to opt for a curved quadrant shower enclosure. This type of enclosure can save you about one foot of space which may not seem like a lot, but if you have a small bathroom it can be a god send. You can also buy curved shower enclosures in different designs too, so you can keep that classic or modern look you love, without having to compromise.