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Electric Towel Rails

Electric towel rails have an electrical element inside that heats them up, rather than relying on the hot water from combi boiler or other heating system as normal heating product would do. These towel warmers come in handy where it is difficult to connect to your central heating system. At QS Supplies, we stock a range of these types of products that give ultimate comfort in warming up your bathroom and drying your towels out.

600mm to 700mm electric towel rails
600-700MM (WIDTH)

From £104.25

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Advantages of on electric version

Your boiler is not always on when you want a shower. Some family members will have a shower late at night, others early in the morning. If your heating system needs to be turned on just to heat up the towel rail in your bathroom, then it would be really very expensive.

In summer many people turn off their boiler altogether and just rely on an immersion heater for hot water, but the immersion heater does not heat towel rails. An electric radiator gets over all these problems. It can be switched on 30 minutes before you intend to have a shower and your towels will be cozy and warm when you need them. If your towel rail is the main source of heat in your bathroom then having an electric one removes the need to run your heating just to warm the bathroom. Electric heating may cost more than gas, but if you are only heating one small room rather than every room in the house it still costs less overall.

If you are adding a bathroom onto your house then it is easier to add an electric bathroom radiator than to extend the heating system. Adding a spur socket can be done easily by a qualified electrician. Extending the heating system is a large and expensive job.

You can set the temperature of electric radiators independently from the rest of your heating system, without the need for thermostatic radiator valves. You have to remember to turn on an electric towel rail before you need it, though you can use a timer. You will also need an electrical spur outlet in your bathroom, which will need to be installed by a qualified electrician. At QS Supplies, we stock towel rails from Apollo, Vogue, Hudson Reed, Home of Ultra, DQ and many more brands.