Electric Towel Rails | Chrome Electric Towel Rails and Radiators

Electric Towel Rails or Electric Towel warmers comes in handy where it is difficult to connect to central heating system. QS Supplies stock a whole range of Electric Towel Warmers and Towel Rails which gives ultimate comfort in warming up bathroom and drying your towels out. Electric Towel Rails also known as Towel Radiators or Bathroom Radiators can be purchased at cheap rate at QS Supplies

300-400mm (width)

Prices from £ 96.00

400-500mm (width)

Prices from £ 88.80

500-600mm (width)

Prices from £ 96.75

600-700mm (width)

Prices from £ 101.25

Curved and Straight Electric Towel Rails at Cheap Price

Electric Towel rails are very easier to operate, you have to just plug in the switch and on the button. Electric Towel Radiators are cheaper at QS Supplies compared to the other Web Stores. QS Supplies stock Electric Towel rails from Apollo, Vogue, Hudson Reed, Home of Ultra, DQ and many more brands. Don't forget to bookmark this page as we are conitnuously updating our range of Electric Towel Warmers.