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Frame-less Designer Cubicles & Enclosures

Good quality products in a bathroom are an investment that most homeowners appreciate. We have a massive range of Designer Shower Doors and Walk-in showers, and most of them are delivered free to your doorstep. If you are doing a remodel or restructuring of your bathroom, then a fully enclosed shower cubicle is what you need. Acquiring a well-designed cubicle not only saves you cash but also makes you bathroom spacious and enhances the simplicity of your bathroom decorations. These are customizable according to the size and shape of your bath area as well as your personal preference. You will also have different enclosures to choose from. With a variety of shower enclosure available in different glass thickness, you can find the right one for your bathroom from our on-line store

Bi-Fold Shower Doors


From £134.70

Shower Pivot Doors and Side Panels


From £107.60

Shower Sliding Doors


From £135.64

Bath Shower Screens


From £37.80

Steam Cabins


From £548.51

Side Panels


From £58.43

Square Shower Trays


From £53.12

Rectangular Shower Trays


From £83.58

Quadrant Trays for Showers


From £48.00

Bowed Shower Tray


From £115.20

Steel Trays


From £92.34

Shower Seats


From £24.15

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Why Buy from us?

Apt and contemporary, our range of shower enclosure is immensely spellbinding. Every time you venture into a cubicle, which has been supplied by us, there’s a new feeling of being refreshed and rejuvenated. It’s all because of the cosiness of our products. They simply enthuse with exhilarating energy and ambiance inside the unit. We have encompassed new dimensions, including a vast range, in order to surprise one and all, offering the best shower doors and trays that are soothing and comforting. The appeal of sophistication is one of the features that our enclosures get beyond the mundane ones in the league.

Furthermore, our complete range of designer shower enclosures comes in small and large sizes and are dazzlingly magnificent when it comes to practical functioning; they also reflect the technological superiority of the creators that are known and reputed brands, with international acclaim. Explicitly reflecting the urbanism and elitism in look, the spirit of provenance and manufacturers is evident. They have converged creativity and quality to meet your fondest desires that fancy exclusiveness and beauty. They are incorrigible in giving the optimum pleasure of showering in a spa. Invariably, known for creating masterpieces, the top-quality brands and merchandise of products include overwhelming quadrants, large bi-fold, small pivot and smooth sliding shower doors.

Designer Enclosures Above all, it’s our logistics and delivery system that substantiate the superiority of the merchandise. Easy availability and comfortable usage become the prime value of the overall package. They ensure longevity, durability and reliability, they are the core principles at QS Supplies, and they are manifest in the process of buying and services availed. Our range of products, and after sales service is in incomparable in the online shopping parlance. We also end your search for economical and quality type enclosures, for we’re matchless when it is about price and assurance.

High quality, yet cheaper than the peers in the sphere. Uncompromised quality we offer, in spite of the shower enclosures coming much cheaper than the ones offered at various online sites or web-stores. The classy ranges of our wonderful products not only assure luxuriating ambiance, but also are comparatively far reasonably priced. Our intent is to enable you to create a mesmerising showering space with the bevy of items from the range; apparently, obtain them at prices like never before and nowhere else. The shower cubicles available at our on-line store comes in small and large sizes and are about relaxing and refreshing, and it is made easy to possess, without being worried of entailing expenses that dearer day by day. We offer you unprecedented quality and prices beyond imagination. Grab our irresistible range and create your own space, availing them at pleasant values that are easy on your pocket.

Why You Must Not Buy A Cheap Quality Product?

When looking for a new shower enclosure, many homeowners are tempted to just buy the cheapest product available. However, cheaper doesn't always mean better, and in fact, there are several cons to buying low-priced enclosures. First of all, buying a cheap one that has been mass-produced abroad puts consumers in a difficult position should something go wrong, as it is virtually impossible to get personalised service and one-to-one attention if there are problems during installation or with the shower enclosure itself. Secondly, if the product itself is damaged or faulty, the chances of making a successful guarantee claim are very low indeed. Last but not least, manufacturers overseas are unlikely to be familiar or comply with the safety standards that apply to the UK market. To avoid disappointment, it’s wise to buy from a reputable retailer, like us. We offer comprehensive post-sales service and exclusively sells products from leading manufacturers such as Twyfords, Aqualux Heritage, Simpsons, Ideal Standard, Imperial, Duravit, Lakes and many more.

General Checks

Size, Shape and Height - They are available in different shapes; square, oblong, rectangular and quadrant. The choice of the sizes and shapes, you select, gives you the space and comfort you need while showering.
Positioning - Installing the cubicle at the existing area will save time and money incurred for preparing the area and the plumbing works. It’s very easy to attach the overhead pipes from the already-existing hot and cold piping.
Trays – After fitting the tray, the entire cubicle or a quadrant must be tested for leakage.


  Corrosion Testing - A corroding material is not advisable for bathroom material, as it is in constant contact with water, soaps, detergents and shampoos that you use. This is because; the colour of the corroding material spoils the look of bath area. This resonates why it is essential to purchase high-quality metal fittings.

Would the Door Rollers last long?

  The condition of doors is vital to the durability of your shower enclosure. The rollers and the grooves should not be easily destructible by water or bathing chemicals.

Are there any Water Leakages?

  It is important that the tray and the walls of an enclosure be leak-free. This helps to contain the water in the tray and prevent it from spreading to other areas.

Handles & Fixings

  The material for handles should be strong and of high quality, preferably metals. Chrome coated plastics are also a choice, and they provide poor experience, and they are easily breakable. Opt for the ones that are made of brass or steel. They usually tend to last long than the plastic ones.

If you are still confused in selecting the right product; give us a call, and our sales representative would be more than happy to assist you on selecting the right showering solution for your bathroom. Alternatively you can read our buying guide on “Selecting the Right Shower Cubicle

Sturdy, Easy to fit, Client was delighted!
Overall Rating:   4 StarReview Left by: Chris Howe on October 4, 2015
Quality : 4 Stars
Value for Money : 5 Stars
Style : 4 Stars

Was this Review Helpful? Hands Down

Excellent bath screen, very reasonable price. Looks more expensive than it was. Very sturdy, not flimsy . Looks amazing in the bathroom. I am very impressed with the product, also our bathroom fitter was so impressed, he now recommends this site to his customers. My friend also bought the full length shower screen and she is very impressed.
Overall Rating:   5 StarReview Left by: sandra taylor on October 4, 2015
Quality : 5 Stars
Value for Money : 5 Stars
Style : 5 Stars

Was this Review Helpful? Hands Down

I spent absolutely ages researching and looking for a folding shower screen that would suit my small bathroom. Finally came across this model and was certain this was the one for me. A very good quality product, well made and with a simple yet stylish design to suit my bathroom and my own tastes. This product works perfectly in my bathroom where my sink is right next to the bath, so it gives me good access to the bath taps when folded away, and works perfectly when showering. Good value for money for a high quality product and very easy to install myself. Very happy with this product.
Overall Rating:   5 StarReview Left by: nick holland on October 3, 2015
Quality : 5 Stars
Value for Money : 5 Stars
Style : 5 Stars

Was this Review Helpful? Hands Down

Modern and sturdy, greatly improved the look of the bathroom. After heavy use for a period of time it is difficult to keep edges and corners free from mould and the glass never comes clear again - I guess all showers are the same.
Overall Rating:   3 StarReview Left by: Grainger on October 3, 2015
Quality : 3 Stars
Value for Money : 3 Stars
Style : 4 Stars

Was this Review Helpful? Hands Down