Accessories for Bathrooms – Chrome & Gold Finish Bathroom Accessories

Here, we have showcased designer accessories for bathrooms. Bathroom Accessories like toilet roll holders, robe hook, soap dish, and mirrors can be purchased from our on-line store. We stock a complete series of chrome, gold and nickel plated accessories for modern and traditional bathrooms.

Toilet Brush Holder

Prices from £ 7.49

Towel Holders

Prices from £ 1.63

Soap Dish

Prices from £ 2.42

Tumbler Holder

Prices from £ 3.38

Toilet Roll Holder

Prices from £ 3.38

Robe Hooks

Prices from £ 2.24

Standing Pot

Prices from £ 40.32

Soap Dispensers

Prices from £ 5.58

Bathroom Shelves

Prices from £ 10.87


Prices from £ 6.36

Bathroom Caddy

Prices from £ 14.71

Towel Ring

Prices from £ 6.36

Bath Rack

Prices from £ 8.04

Grab Bar

Prices from £ 7.49

Shower Gratings

Prices from £ 15.30

Shower Channels

Prices from £ 20.16


Prices from £ 1.73

Hair Dryer Holder

Prices from £ 10.49

Soap Baskets

Prices from £ 7.49

Mirror Lights

Prices from £ 19.03

Wastes and Traps

Prices from £ 2.90

Bathroom Accessories Sets

Prices from £ 7.12

Light Pull

Prices from £ 6.38

Designer Accessories for Bathrooms - Chrome and Gold Finish

Accessories for Bathrooms are the key element that can make life easy, in a bathroom. Accessories are not truly about decorating a bathroom; it is about selecting the accessory that is practical, functional and attractive at the same time.

A perfect set of bathroom accessories not only adds the picture-perfect look to any bathroom but also offers improved practicality. Bathroom Accessories are relatively easy way to add the final touch to your bathroom, and comes in a multitude of colours, styles and patterns so that one can select a finish that will suit their design needs.

How To Select The Right Bathroom Accessory?
A thick layer of nickel plating is applied to brassware before applying finishes, which makes them smooth and durable. Nowadays, consumers demand more. Consumer’s wants to opt for high quality accessory that are affordable. Most of the consumers end up in buying poor quality accessories that costs low, but has a short span of life. Bathroom accessories may differ in material and cost. Cheap accessories are manufactured using low quality materials, and chances are high it can soon lose its finish, and fade out within weeks.

Minimal style accessories for modern or semi-modern bathrooms can be an ideal choice. For Vintage Style Bathrooms, combination of wooden bathroom accessories with chrome finish can be an ideal choice. Whilst, bathrooms that have gold taps can have gold plated accessories for bathrooms. Selecting accessory, which fuses well, with other bathroom décor can be a smart choice. Thanks to the reputed manufacturer who now manufactures accessories in various colour options such as chrome, white, black, grey and red finish.

The New series of accessories, which is been, recently launched by Croydex is Twist and Lock, and its gaining immense popularity in UK. With a variety, of choices available in the market, we have a full collection of elegant shape and minimalistic designer accessories such as robe hooks, soap dish, bathroom caddy, bathroom soap basket, toilet roll holders and many others, complemented by a selection of either modern or traditional design. We are sure one can find the perfect accessory for your bathroom at QS Supplies.