Hair Dryer Holders

Anyone that uses a hairdryer each day knows the struggle that storing it can be. If you leave it on the counter, it can pose a fire risk with the basin filled. Unplugged, it can slip and fall to the floor, becoming damaged. Put away securely in a cabinet, and you need to go digging for it each time you need it. So, for those that use their hairdryers each day, a hair dryer holder can be invaluable. Hair dryer holders mount securely on the wall near where you use your dryer each day. They come in several shapes and styles, easily able to coordinate with the rest of your bathroom accessories while holding your hair dryer safely in place. Most can hold dryers of varying sizes and some are also designed to hold straighteners as well. Made by Smedbo, these high-quality brass holders are plated with chrome to make them easy to clean and care for. Now your hair dryer can be kept right where you need it each day, safe, secure, and protected from damaging or hazardous falls.



Safety First!

Fires often occur due to the cut-off feature that is built into modern hair dryers that makes it automatically turn off when it reaches a certain temperature. If the hair dryer is then put down without being switched off at the socket, it will re-activate as it cools down, often in an empty room. This heat can cause scorching damage to materials such as carpets and bedding and even set them on fire. Using a holder to safely store a hair dryer will prevent damage even if it does start up unexpectedly, although switching it off at the mains when not in use is always recommended.

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