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Hair Dryer Holders

A hair dryer holder might seem like a luxury but in fact it is a vital safety feature that may save lives as well as prevent damage to floors and furniture. Countless fires happen every year that are caused by hot hair dryers that have been placed directly on carpets or beds. A hair dryer reaches very high temperatures and does not instantly cool down when it is switched off. Using one of our specially designed holders will keep the hot surfaces of the dryer from coming into contact with other surfaces and help it to cool down more quickly.



Safety First!

Fires often occur due to the cut-off feature that is built into modern hair dryers that makes it automatically turn off when it reaches a certain temperature. If the hair dryer is then put down without being switched off at the socket, it will re-activate as it cools down, often in an empty room. This heat can cause scorching damage to materials such as carpets and bedding and even set them on fire. Using a holder to safely store a hair dryer will prevent damage even if it does start up unexpectedly, although switching it off at the mains when not in use is always recommended.

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