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Over Bath Rack

There are few ways to really unwind and relax at the end of a long day that is better than a soak in a hot bathtub. Many people choose to soak their day away by relaxing in some hot water. But laying back without anything in reach can only work for so long. If you want to read, have snacks or a drink, or keep things like bath oils nearby, you need an over bath rack to help make the experience better. Over bath racks are baskets with extendable sides. They fit securely over the edges of your tub and allow you to safely hold several items that you may want to keep in reach. This includes things such as bathing items, food or drink, a book, or your phone. Bath racks are made of high-quality metal wire, and come in a few styles that can help coordinate with the rest of your bathroom design should you leave them out at all times. Made by companies such as Miller, Heritage Bathrooms, and Smedbo, you know that you're getting a quality product. So, sit back and relax even more knowing your items are held securely with an over bath rack.


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