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Public Toilet Charges Around the World - Types & Local Names

Having experienced the upsides and downsides of using Public toilets at different destinations, we have put together a toilet guide which every traveller can use. The guide includes an Interactive Map, which can help you identify the local names for the Toilet, along with Public Toilet Charges. Toilets in a few countries may be free in shopping malls, food chains or in a particular city, while in others, they may carry a small fee for use. After extensive research, we came up with average charges and types of toilets that you may come across. All charges, values, and information are approximate and may differ in different States or Counties, but it will give you a basic idea about approximate Charges and Toilet Types, along with their Local Terminology. Whether you are the quintessential travel junkie seeking out new destinations or a novice traveller on a maiden voyage, our easy-to-use guide will help you make the most of the “Public Toilets” across the globe.

Pit Tolet
Squat Toilet
Modern Toilet
World Common Toilet Type Representation
Asia Common Toilet Type Representation
Country Local word for toilet Charges Common Toilet Types Carry Own Toilet Paper References
Afghanistan khakandas AFN (؋) 5-10 squat Yes
Bahrain alhamam Free Squat Yes  
Bangladesh Ṭaẏalēṭa BDT (৳) 5 Taka Squat Yes  
Bhutan toilet BTN (Nu) 5 to 10 Squat No
Source *
Brunei tandas Free Squat Yes  
Cambodia dakuhn' KHR (៛) 500 Riel Squat Yes  
China Cèsuǒ CNY (¥) 1 rmb Yuan Squat Yes
India Sauchalaya INR (₹) 5 Squat Yes
Indonesia toilet IDR (Rp) 1000 to 2000 RP Squat/Sitting Yes
Iran alhamam Free Squat Yes  
Isreal Beit shimoosh ILS (₪) 1 Shekel Squat/Sitting No
Japan toire Free Squat Yes
Jordan alhamam Free Sitting/Squat Yes  
Kazakhstan twalet Free Sitting/Squat Yes  
Korea hwajangsil Free Sitting yes  
Kyrgyzstan daaratkana KGS (лв) 2 KGS Squat Yes
Laos hong noa - Squat Yes  
Lebanon alhamam Free Squat Yes
Malaysia Tandas MYR (RM) 0.20 Squat Yes  
Maldives Toilet MVR (Rf) 2 Squat Yes  
Mongolia biye zasakh gazar Free Pit/Squat yes  
Myanmar aainsar hkaann MMK (K) 300 Kyats Squat yes  
Nepal Sauchalaya NPR (NɌs) Rs3 Squat yes  
Oman alhamam Free Squat Yes
Pakistan toilit PKR (Ɍs) 10 Squat Yes  
Philippine palikuran PHP (₱) P10 Sitting/Squat No
Qatar alhamam Free Squat/Sitting Yes
Russia Tualet RUB (руб) 5-20 rub Squat Yes  
Saudi Arabia alhamam Free Squat/Sitting Yes
Singapore tshe-só͘ SGD (S$) 10-20 cents Sitting/Squat Yes
Sri Lanka kakhuis LKR (Ɍs) 10 Squat yes
Taiwan Cèsuǒ TWD (NT$) 10 Squat Yes  
Tajikistan ho'atxona TJS (SM) 50 Diram Squat/pit yes  
Thailand HONG NAM THB (฿) 3-5 Bath Squat Yes
United Arab Emirates alhamam Currently Free Squat/Sitting No
Vietnam nhà vệ sinh VND (₫) 3000 Dong Squat Yes
Yemen alhamam few toilets/free Squat/Sitting Yes  
Africa Common Toilet Type Representation
Country Local word for toilet Charges Common Toilet Types Carry Own Toilet Paper References
Algeria - - Squat Yes  
Botswana Ntlo ya Bakgatla BWP (P) 2.50 Squat Yes  
Egypt alhamam EGP (£) 1-2 Squat No  
Ethiopia Shiniti bēti ETB (Br) 1-2 Squat Yes  
Gambia Toilet Free Pit/Squat Yes
Ghana toilet GHS (GH₵) 20 - 40 Pesewas Pit/Squat Yes
Guinea toilette GNF (FG) 500 Pit/Squat Yes  
Ivory Coast toilette Free Pit/Squat Yes
Kenya choo KES (KSh) 5 Squat/Pit Yes  
Liberia toilet LRD (L$) 10.00 Squat No
Malawi Chimbudzi MWK (MK) K50 to K100 Squat/Pit Yes
Mali toilette XOF (CFA) 25 Franc Squat Yes
Mauritius Sal de bain Free Squat/Sitting Yes  
Morocco alhamam MAD (د.م.) 2dh Squat Yes  
Mozambique Banheiro Free Squat Yes
Namibia - - Squat/Sitting Yes
Nigeria latrine NGN (₦) 3.00 to 5.00 Squat Yes
Rwanda umusrani RWF (RF) 50 Squat/Pit Yes  
Senegal toilette US $0.15 Pit/Squat Yes  
Somalia toilet - Pit/Squat Yes
South Africa toilet ZAR (R) R5 Squat/Sitting No
Swaziland Umthoyi SZL (L) 15 cents Sitting/Squat yes
Tanzania Kiko TZS (TSh) 200 Squat yes  
Uganda choo UGX (USh) 200 or 300 shillings Pit/Squat Yes  
zambia Chichewa ZMK (ZK) K1 to K2 Squat No
Zimbabwe Chimbudzi ZWL (Z$) 50 US Cents Sitting Yes  
Europe Common Toilet Type Representation
Country Local word for toilet Charges Common Toilet Types Carry Own Toilet Paper References
Albania tualet - Squat Yes
Andorra baño Free Squat/Sitting Yes
Armenia zugaran AMD (֏) 100 drams SQUAT yes  
Austria Toilette ATS (€) 30-50 Euro cent Sitting No
Belarus туалет BYR (Br) 0.25 Ruble Squat No
Belgium toilet EUR (€) 50 Euro cents Sitting No
Bulgaria toaletna BGN (лв) 50 stotinki to 2 lev per visit, WC/Squat Yes
Croatia WC HRK (kn) 2 or 3 Sitting/Squat No
Cyprus toualéta Free Sitting Yes  
Czech Republic Toaleta CZK (Kč) 5-10 Sitting Yes
Denmark toilet DKK (kr) 2Kr Sitting No
Finland wc EUR (€) 0.50 Euro Cents Sitting Yes
France toilette EUR (€) 50 Euro cents Sitting No
Georgia tualeti GEL (₾) From 20 to 50 Tetri Squat/Sitting Yes
Source *
Germany Toilette EUR (€) 50 Euro cents Sitting No
Hungary vécé HUF (Ft) 100-120 forints Sitting Yes
Iceland salerni ISK (kr) 200kr (Accepts Card Payment) Sitting No
Ireland leithris EUR (€) Euro 0.20 Sitting No
Italy gabinetto EUR (€) 60 centesimi Sitting No
Kosovo tualet - squat/Pit No
Latvia tualete LVL (Ls) 25 to 30 Cents Sitting No
Lithuania tualetas LTL (Lt) 1LT Sitting No  
Luxembourg toilette EUR (€) 25-50 Euro cents Sitting No  
Malta twaletta Free Sitting No
Moldova toaletă Free Sitting Yes
Monaco Toilettes Free Sitting No
Montenegro CULTUS EUR (€) 0.40 Sitting Yes  
Netherlands Toilet EUR (€) 50 Euro cents- 1 Euro Sitting No
Norway toalett NOK (kr) 10 NOK Sitting No
Poland toaleta PLN (zł) 1 Sitting Yes  
Portugal banheiro EUR (€) 0.50 Sitting No
Prague veh-tseh CZK (Kč) 5 to 10 Sitting No
Romania toaletă RON (L) 1-2 Sitting Yes
San Marino gabinetto EUR (€) Euro 0.50 Sitting No
Serbia toalet RSD (Дин.) 30 Sitting/Squat No
Slovakia toaleta EUR (€) Euro 50 Cents Sitting Yes
Slovenia WC EUR (€) 0.50 Sitting No  
Spain baño EUR (€) 0.50 Sitting Yes
Sweden toalett SEK (kr) 2-5 Sitting No
Switzerland toilette CHF (Fr) 2 Sitting No
Turkey tuvalet TRY (TL) 1 Lira Squat No
UK Toilet GBP (£) 30 pence Sitting No
Ukraine туалет UAH (₴) 2 Sitting Yes  
Vatican city gabinetto EUR (€) 50 Cents Sitting No
America Common Toilet Type Representation
Country Local word for toilet Charges Common Toilet Types Carry Own Toilet Paper References
Argentina baño ARS ($) 2 for paper Sitting/Squat yes
Bolivia baño BOB ($b) 1 Squat Yes  
Brazil banheiro BRL (R$) 0.50 to 1 Pit/Squat Yes  
Canada washrooms CAD ($) 25 cents Sitting No
Chile baños CLP ($) 450 pesos Sitting Yes
Colombia baño COP ($) 500 Sitting Yes  
Costa Rica baño CRC (₡) 500 Colones Sitting Yes  
Cuba baño CUP (₱) 1 Cuban Pesos Squat/Sitting Yes
Dominica toilet DOP (RD$) 1 Sitting Yes  
Ecuador baño ECS (S/.) 5-10 Sucres Sitting No
El Salvador baño SVC ($) 0.10 Sitting Yes  
Guatemala sanitarios GTQ (Q) Q3.00 Sitting Yes
Source *
Guyana Toilet Free Pit/Squat Yes
Mexico baño MXN ($) 2 Pesos Sitting Yes
Panama baño PAB (B/.) 0.10 Sitting No  
Paraguay baño PYG (₲) small fee Squat Yes
Peru baño PEN (S/.) 30 Sitting Yes  
Uruguay baño UYU ($U) small fee Sitting Yes  
US lavatory USD (US$) 25 cents Sitting No
Venezuela baño VEF (Bs) 1 Squat/Sitting Yes  
Ocenia Common Toilet Type Representation
Country Local word for toilet Charges Common Toilet Types Carry Own Toilet Paper References
Australia Dunny A Fee Charged
Earlier: AUD ($) 50-70 Cents -
Sitting No
Fiji toilet FJD ($) 0.80 Sitting Yes  
New Zealand dunny/ wharepaku NZD (NZ$) 1 Sitting No
World Toilet Charges

What We Found out About Open Defecation

Open defecation or defecating outside a designated toilet in an open area is common in developing countries the world over. The problem has reached crisis proportions and causes many hygiene issues amongst the more vulnerable sections of society, like infants and children. Following extensive research, we have found that countries with the lowest charges for public toilet facilities have the highest proportion of populations defecting in the open. This is contrary to popular thinking and true for the poorest countries in Africa, the South. America and Asia.

The reasons for this can be many, the foremost being a genuine lack of public sanitation facilities. Most people are so poor that they are unable to build toilets in their homes or even a common toilet facility, let alone a public toilet. Most people are left with no option but to use open fields, rivers and trenches.

Those who do have access to public toilets either can’t afford to pay the very nominal charges or refuse to use these because they are ill-maintained and dirty. Data shows that within these countries, numbers in rural and backward areas are dramatically high because of infrastructure issues, inaccessibility and lack of sanitary awareness. The minority who are able to afford to pay and use toilets refuse to do so due to prevailing mindsets and for want of awareness of the dangers of cross-contamination.

In this short Video, Blaine from Cut.com travelled around the world to capture footage of public restrooms. - Source

YouTube Video Loader

A well-maintained public toilet is a facility that can make all the difference to a travel destination. Insanitary conditions and non-functional, broken toilets can ruin the holiday mood faster than saying the word “loo.” Although some public toilets are free, many charge a nominal fee, mainly for the upkeep of the toilets and to facilitate toilet attendant salaries. Some of us may frown upon the idea of paying to use the toilet; however, this certainly is not a new concept. The pay toilet can be traced back almost 2000 years, to the first century AD. In the late 19th century, John Nevil Maskelyne, an English magician, invented the first modern pay toilet. Even in ancient world, there are historical accounts of pay toilets in ancient Rome in 74 AD. The first pay toilets in North America were installed by Walt Disney at the studio’s popular cafe on Hollywood Boulevard. Pay toilets in most countries are operated by local municipalities. However, in America, in the year 1970, people started attacking the idea and concept of paying for the use of this civic facility, and pay toilets came to be banned in America.

Going to the toilet is a basic human need, and from early times, people have used different means to meet this requirement. Most of the time, we use the word "Bathroom" to go to the restroom. The poorest Sub-Saharan and Asian Countries use a pit latrine or pit toilet where human excreta is collected in a hole dug into the ground. The collected faeces are then used as compost, which is further used as a fertilizer.

All across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, squat toilets are commonly used, although new and upmarket facilities now have Sitting style WCs. Even in Eastern Europe, Italy and Germany, squat toilets were in use until their use became redundant with the advent of comfortable Sitting style toilets.

When you have to go, you have to go, and at that point, most travellers willingly shell out the dime or dollar required for using the toilet. Usually, if you need toilet paper, you may need to pay extra in the form of loose change. Many countries in Asia, South and Central America, and Africa have outdated sewage systems that do not support flushing down toilet paper. Avoid clogging the loos by putting the toilet paper in bins that are usually provided. It is always prudent to carry your own toilet paper, largely everywhere, with the exception of the US or Western Europe.

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