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The 1810 Zenuno Collection

The kitchen sink is a very important piece of your home. It takes years of abuse from pots and pans, dishes, and washing up. It holds items to soak or has things unceremoniously dumped inside. And while it does all this, it also has to match your kitchen's design and aesthetic.

Today's modern kitchens frequently feature stainless steel sinks and appliances. Stainless steel is sleek, durable, and easy to clean and maintain so your sink will look good longer.

The 1810 Company's Zenuno sink line meets all of the qualifications you could want for a sink. Handmade of durable stainless steel, each sink is sleek and contemporary in style. Most sinks are designed to undermount, while some can also be flush mounted for additional options. The sinks have also been treated with Insusound, which helps them retain heat and absorbs some of the noise that stainless steel sinks may be associated with.

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