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Idea For Small Bathroom

Are you hoping to remodel or re-design your small bathroom? The good news is it can be done, but the bad news is not everyone knows how. You can potentially create a wonderful bathroom, even if there’s not much room for you to work with.
Even the smallest of bathrooms can be designed so they look bigger than they really are. The Japanese have incredibly small bathrooms, and they still make good use of the space. Sometimes they have to put up with using a toilet that has a sink built into the top, and a very small shower cubicle. But, we in the western world are used to larger bathrooms, so when we come across one that’s relatively small we often struggle to get what we need into the limited amount of space.

Know your limitations

You need to know your limitations so you know exactly where you stand when it comes to creating a lovely bathroom. Work out where all your pipes are, and ensure that unless you want a huge bill that you put everything where it should be i.e. your new basin in front of the water pipes, your new toilet next to the waste outlet pipe etc.
You may also want to think about the angle your bathroom door opens and if there are any built in cupboards that you simply cannot move. You also need to work out where your radiator needs to be, or whether you’re simply going to stick with its current location. Once you’ve determined what your limitations are, then you can start to create a great new bathroom.

Small Bathroom Limitations

Small bathroom toilets

These days it’s very easy to get your hands on a small bathroom toilet. These toilets aren’t a lot smaller, but they are small enough to make a difference. These toilets usually attach straight to the wall, rather than having a lot of pipes leading out of them. This not only saves a bit of room but it gives a bit of a tidier finish too.

Charming Solutions For Small Bathrooms

Do you really need a bath?

Do you really need to install a bath or could you make do with having a shower instead. If you can do without a bath you’ll find you’ll have quite a bit more room, and your bathroom won’t seem so small after all. If you have to have a bath because you love a good soak, why not think about buying one that sits in the corner? Baths like these can save a good amount of room without you feeling like you’ve compromised. If you would like a shower as well as a bath, the only solution is to house your new shower above your bath. This is a fairly standard thing to do and will keep everyone happy.Do you really need a bath?

Don’t forget the mirrors

Mirrors can help to open up your bathroom and give you the feeling of more space. A well placed mirror can even help to direct light and create the illusion that your bathroom is bigger than it really is. You should always make sure that you don’t have a mirror opposite another one as this can make your bathroom seem pretty full, and that’s something you want to avoid.

Bathroom Mirrors

Buy the right kind of tiles

Not a lot of people know that the right kind of tiles can create an illusion of even more space. They can also help to reflect the light too, which is ideal if your bathroom is a particularly dark one, or you don’t have any natural light. Try to buy tiles that aren’t too small as they will make your bathroom look too ‘busy’. At the same time you should also try to avoid buying a batch of tiles that are bigger than roughly 32 centimetres as they will potentially dwarf your bathroom.
Also try to look for tiles that are not too dark, as this will make your bathroom look a lot smaller. Lighter tiles will open the room up and create the impression of more space and a more relaxing atmosphere.

Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom Storage

Storing your soap, shampoo and towels may not be a priority right now, but if you leave them lying around they will create a cluttered look. A smaller bathroom should ideally have a cabinet that everything can be stored in. This will again create the illusion of more room and open your bathroom up a little. As you can see it’s really possible to design a small bathroom that won’t leave you wanting for space. Designed properly you could potentially create the nicest and lightest room in your home.