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Merlyn Shower Trays

Possess priceless opulence! Rouse adrenaline of others with excitement and pulsating thrill! Step on your most privileged realm of luxury and opulence! The MStone range of Shower Trays from Merlyn Showering is a revolutionary innovation, epitomising royalty and comfort beyond one could fathom. The double layered or skinned MStone is a sophisticated, high-end technology scrupulously conceptualised to build unprecedented quality shower trays that will assure of comfort, sturdiness and strengthened support while showering, owing to the polymer composite material used.

The highest measure of power, strength and rigidity is ensured the whole of the tray yet weighs low, for comfortable operation and usage. The highest quality acrylic put to use to support the polymer composite structure, made the double layered M-Stone range of Shower Trays be the epitome of stone resin in trays, which guarantees a well-proportioned body to endure diverse weights including plus sizes. Perfect for low-level installations, the entire range includes varied types of quadrant, rectangular, square shower trays with wastes, to befit every environment, which is also an acclaimed methodology of Merlyn Showering.

24 Products

Mstone Quadrant 50mm Shower Tray With Waste

£93.22 £ 198.33
Optional: Sizes Available

Mstone Offset Quadrant 50mm Shower Tray With Waste

£131.39 £ 279.54
Optional: Sizes Available

TrueStone Square 900 x 900mm Shower Tray With Waste

£302.42 £ 592.39
Optional: Finish Options

TrueStone Offset Quadrant 1200 x 900mm Shower Tray With Waste

£383.10 £ 815.09
Optional: More Variations Available

TrueStone Rectangular 30mm Height Shower Tray With Waste

£300.00 £ 562.70
Optional: Finish & Sizes Available

Level25 Rectangular Tray With Waste 1000 x 800mm

£147.10 £ 312.98
Optional: More Width And Depth Available

Level25 Offset Quadrant 1200 x 900mm Tray With Waste - Left Handed

£236.04 £ 502.22
Optional: Right Handed Version

Ionic Touchstone Rectangular Shower Tray 50mm Height

£69.22 £ 147.28
Optional: More Width And Depth Available

UpStand 900 x 760mm Rectangular Shower Tray

£96.31 £ 204.92
Optional: More Width And Depth Available

Ionic Touchstone Square Shower Tray 50mm Height

£54.83 £ 109.65
Optional: Sizes Available

Merlyn Ionic Touchstone Quadrant Shower Tray 50mm Height

£56.39 £ 119.97
Optional: Sizes Available

Ionic Touchstone Offset Quadrant 50mm Shower Tray

£85.56 £ 182.05
Optional: Sizes Available

24 Products