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Triton Shower Heads & Arms

Triton Showering Accessories are exceptional value for money with the perfect amalgam of between style, quality and price. The accessories feature a standard fitting allowing simple removal your existing Shower Head and screw a new Triton Shower Head or Shower Arm onto your hose. Many models also come with rub clean nozzles to help prevent the build up of limescale. So whether you are looking for square or round; white, chrome or even black; or a multi spray or single spray pattern Shower Head, be assured that Triton's Shower Heads range will cater every desires, every time

Revitalising Showers!

Triton demonstrates stunning chrome plated brass Shower Arms for those installations where you want the Shower Head mounted from the wall. Triton features rear entry and corner entry Shower Arms to suit your preferences and shower enclosure. The alluring series of Shower Heads and Arms will cater all your showering needs with the best of both practicality and aesthetics. Besides all the modern features, some of the innovative Shower Heads and Arms help in conserving water, taking a cue from the environment.

23 Products

Emily Chrome Fixed Shower Head

Emily Chrome Fixed Shower Head
£50.40 £ 74.16

Isabel Chrome Fixed Shower Head

Isabel Chrome Fixed Shower Head
£36.60 £ 52.97

3 Spray Fixed Shower Head

3 Spray Fixed Shower Head
£25.48 £ 39.79

Alice Chrome Fixed Shower Head

£38.33 £ 60.04

Kelsey Chrome Fixed Shower Head

£37.79 £ 52.97

Faye Fixed Shower Head Chrome

£29.48 £ 36.86

200mm Circular Ceiling Arm

£24.61 £ 30.76

400mm Circular Wall Arm

£29.52 £ 36.90

200mm Square Edge Ceiling Arm

£26.58 £ 33.22

400mm Square Edge Wall Arm

£36.00 £ 40.60

23 Products

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