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Stop Valves

Stop Valves also called as outlet valves or shut-off valves. These valves find widespread application in piping and plumbing systems and are used to cut-off or halt the flow of water, gas or other liquid flowing through a pipe. Usually, a pipe system will have a main shut-off valve and other stop valves that are placed strategically, before the water flows into a fixture such as a toilet or a shower. Stop valves are placed to stop or control water flow during routine maintenance activity or in case of emergencies or repairs. At QS Supplies, all Stop Valves comply with necessary standards and regulations in the UK. Some of the renowned brands in this category are Crosswater, Grohe and Vado. These are made from top quality raw materials, offering a long life and efficient performance, and are available in many sizes and types, offering compatibility with different pipe widths and pipe materials of a plumbing system. Stop valves can be easily installed using flexible connectors or rigid copper risers and are typically accompanied by escutcheons for a neat finish.




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