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Shower Hoses

You simply cannot enjoy the luxury of a shower if it does not work properly. We know that an integral part of everyone’s shower is the hose. A shower hose is a long tube-like bathroom extension made of either rubber, metal or plastic that connects the showerhead to the shower outlet. It affords the user greater control over the water for use in different situations. This product can make or break your showering experience, which is why we ensure we offer you what we consider an extensive range of great quality shower hoses. Available in many different shapes, styles and lengths, our shower hoses can add that special touch to your bathroom.




Choosing the Right Hose

One important factor when installing a hose or replacing an old one is the length. The length of the hose should ideally allow the user more reach and flexibility. Longer hoses have benefits like ease in bathing children or the elderly. However, the hose should not be so long that it creates an inconvenience in placement when not in use. Therefore, measuring the required length of hose is crucial. Hoses come in a standard length of about 60 inches, with longer hoses available as per the requirement. Shower hoses come with one male and another female connector. The male connector fits into the showerhead that then fits the tap unit. Braided hose, with female-to-female thread connectors, are also available.

Helping to direct the water exactly where you want it, shower hoses showcased at our on-line store, are built to last and come at a price we know you’ll find most agreeable. We also understand that every shower is different, which is why we also ensure we have a range of sizes and widths we know you need. What’s more is we also sell the above-listed items in gold, black or chrome finishes, so your bathroom has that extra special touch we know you love.

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