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Shower Hose

We offer shower hoses made of solid build quality, and they are kink and wear and tear proof, ensuring no leaks. All of the shower pipes available at QS Supplies are manufactured in the UK and are made using top-quality materials such as Brass, Metal, Plastic, PVC, and stainless steel. We recommend a metal one if you are looking for a quality flexible pipe. Our products come from well-known brands such as Grohe, Croydex, and Mira, and they vary in length, such as 1, 1.2, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, and 2 meters. Furthermore, you can select them in brass, black to chrome and even white finish to match with your bathroom decor. The built-in threaded nut connects with the outlet to the handset, shower heads or douche spray, offering excellent flexibility.

We ensure every product we offer is of excellent quality, and the manufacturers test each product under high water pressure, affirming its superior build quality. The products listed below are gentle on the skin, ensuring a good experience. Starting from £6 to £100, we have more than 40+ choices. Narrow your choices by filtering based on brand, material, length, or guarantee. Whether you are looking for a new or a replacement pipe, we have a product for your requirements.


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Shower Hose Reviews

From: Sharleen
I bought this item about six months ago, and I like how the smooth texture looks in my shower. There is a good warranty that comes with it as well.
Value for Money
Overall Rating
From: 7
It's OK to do the Job. Better than the metal one we had before.
Value for Money
Overall Rating

Shower Hose FAQs

  • Are Metal Shower Pipes Better Than Plastic?

    Both metal and plastic shower pipes will do the job. Metal hoses are more robust, last longer than PVC ones, and withstand high water pressure.

  • What is the Standard Hose Length?

    There is no standard length for hoses. It depends on personal preference. 1.25 or 1.5 metres would be sufficient, while a long hose may be difficult to use. But, if you require extended hoses, we offer long ones with 1.75 and 2 metres in length.

  • What Causes a Shower Hose to Leak?

    Shower hoses leak rarely. The connections to the hose leak because it contains rubber O-ring washers that wear over time or if the water pressure is high at the connection point.

    If the connection point is loose, it can cause the hose to leak; tightening the connection can prevent leakages.

    If the hose has cracks or holes, it can cause it to leak; it happens if it has been used for a long time.

  • Can it be Repaired?

    Most shower hoses leak because the washers at the connections are worn down. You can replace the washers, but it can't be repaired if it has holes or cracks. Duct and similar hose repair tapes are unsuitable for any hose carrying water under pressure.

  • What Does Double Interlock Shower Hose Mean?

    A double interlock hose is constructed differently from ordinary metal ones. It is more robust and flexible and can withstand high water pressure.