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Nuie Radiators & Towel Rails

Smartly equip your home with Nuie series of designer radiators and towel rails, which can not only keep your space pleasing warm during cold winters but also add an electrifying touch to your home decor. Exuberance will be a part of your daily affair with the sumptuously designed radiators. Emitting heat of up to 60 degrees, these radiators, would be the most pleasant element of any home, during winters. The versatility of Radiators allows you to install them with any home decor. Available in White, Black, Silver, and Anthracite finishes, radiators from the Nuie Bathroom collection gives you a broader variety to select the right finish depending on your existing bathroom interior. Heated Towel Rails come in a vertical design and can be installed on the wall or the floor with the use of a variety of floor mounting feet. The unprecedented yet pleasing design of these radiators embraces ravishing style, without compromising even a bit of their performance.

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