Column Radiators / 2, 3, 4 , 5 & 6 Columns

As the name suggests, column radiators consist of a series of horizontal or vertical mounted tubes side-by-side. It is common to see a designer radiator embrace this style. With these types of models, you can select the number of tubes, their orientation, and the specific dimensions. Their main benefit is that as a greater surface area is used, higher amounts of heat is generated. It is then combined with a sleek and very modernistic appeal. In fact, some column radiator even stretch from the floor to the ceiling. Numerous colours are available with this option. Classically designed these periods style radiators are timeless. They are manufactured using high-grade steel, which makes them extremely robust. It has also been proven that these are cost-effective as it saves a lot of amount of electricity and one can save a lot on the electric bill. We supply products under this category by brands such as Kartell, Hudson Reed, Premier, MHS and many more. Have a look at our range, and select the right one as per your requirement. In summary, if you are looking for style and a guaranteed first-class heating performance, which is, going to last for countless years, then products displayed below are highly recommended.




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