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No Chimney Gas Fires

No Chimney Gas Fires is a sound investment and offers high heat output, and is an easy way to add panache. Create a warmth and cozy atmosphere in your living room of your house by adding No Chimney Gas Fires. No Chimney Gas Fires available at our on-line store comes in an option of slim line flue and full depth power flue.





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Difference Between Gas Fires with Chimney & No Chimney Gas Fires

When it comes to heating your home, gas is still the most cost effective way of obtaining that extra heat in one room, without having to turn up the central heating. The cost of installing a gas fire though, will depend on whether you have a chimney, flue, or nothing, to vent the exhaust gases.

Gas fires with chimney

Gas fires with chimneys are the cheapest to install, and fit directly into the fireplace. If your chimney hasn’t been used for some time it needs to be surveyed. It may be blocked by an old birds nest. Or damaged, and leak gases into an upstairs bedroom, which could prove fatal.

Inbuilt Flues:

Some homes, while not having a chimney, have an inbuilt flue. The vent will often exit from the roof, like a chimney, or high up on an external wall. Fires are installed to the vent inside the house, similar to fitting in a fireplace.

The Modern Range

Many modern homes are constructed without either chimney or flue system, to save on building costs. Modern fires though, can still be safely installed, with the added attraction that they can be fitted in any room of choice

Modern technology has produced the catalytic converter type of fire. Requiring no flue, it can be fitted in almost any room of the house. Reckoned to be 100% efficient, the modern styling of these fires makes them a popular choice.

Balanced flue fires, can be fitted to almost any wall. Only available as a glass fronted fire, the air is drawn from the room to feed the fire, and the fumes are vented through an exhaust flue to the outside.

Power flue systems; again require a sealed glass front fire. These fires can be installed up to 40m away from the vent exit. Flues can be run under floorboards, and the system is operated by a fan drawing fresh air from, and venting noxious gases to, the outside of the property.

No matter what the age of your property, with today’s range of modern attractive options, there’s sure to be one to meet your requirements at our on-line store.

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