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Trojan Derwent & Elite

Thanks to the modern line of Trojan Derwent & Elite baths, seamless integration of purity and relaxation is now available to the discerning consumer. Not only are these units altogether pleasing to the eye, but also their functionality ensures that every bathing experience will provide a much-needed sense of rest. Such a respite from the world would just not be possible with low-quality models. As with other variants, the use of regular Trojan acrylics guarantees those years of unfettered use will be enjoyed while maintenance needs can be kept to a bare minimum. In fact, these units are backed up by a robust 25-year warranty. Trojan Elite & Derwent baths are available at affordable prices. All models are certified under the BS7015 and EN263 standards; assuring that quality will never be an issue. This sense of assurance is perhaps only superseded by the ability to purchase units of varying dimensions. The sheer visual appeal of each bath displayed at QS Supplies cannot be overstated, and as a result, it has never been easier to match the existing decor of any room. Feel free to order yours today.

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