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Small Bathroom Ideas
Idea for Designing a Small bathroom

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How to design a bathroom that's very small

Do you need an idea for remodeling a small bathroom?One of My Clients bathroom measures just 7 foot 6 inches by 5 foot 10 inches but I was determined to add a shower cubicle in there without throwing anything out so I thought how can I change my bathroom?

The bathtub lies along the short wall under the window. The door is on the opposite wall on the right and there was a radiator behind the door, which prevented it from opening fully. As you walked into the room there was a washbasin on the left with a toilet between the basin and the bathtub.

The room felt tight and didn't give me much hope of making any space but I had been longing for a shower cubicle for a long time. Using a shower above a bath has never felt right for me so I was determined to find a way.

How I remodelled my Clients bathroom

So what could be done? What was the idea for remodeling a small bathroom that allowed me to cram a huge shower cubicle in without losing any of the usability of the bathroom? Well we started with an assumption that the only place that the shower cubicle could go was where the washbasin stood. It couldn't go next to the bathtub because a pillar of boxed in pipes was in the way. It wouldn't go on the opposite wall either because then the door wouldn't open.
The wash basin had to move
Small Bathroom Illustration
Ok so that meant that the washbasin had to move. The only logical place for it to go was opposite the toilet but it fouled the radiator that was behind the door. So the radiator had to move. We changed the radiator for a nice stainless steel one that had bars for drying towels on and put it above the bath to the left. This meant that it was a little inconvenient to use as a towel rail but we live with that.

Swing the bathtub around

The new bathtub was installed with the faucets and a shower attachment the opposite way around to the original to take advantage of the greater area of tiled wall next to the window. The idea behind the shower attachment was for hair washing purposes but actually I don't think that anyone has ever used it. Turning the bathtub around also gave me somewhere to put my wildlife bathroom accessory. Yes I have a rubber duck!

Make it fit by using a small toilet
But it still didn't fit. The shower cubicle and toilet would just not go in until we came across a very slim toilet. It took up much less wall space than the original and allowed us to fit the shower and toilet in the space - just!

Using a shaped shower cubicle
We were almost finished. I say almost because we still had a nagging feeling that such a large shower cubicle right next to the door was going to give us problems. There just wouldn't have been enough room to move about freely in the room. The solution to this was to use a cubicle that had a curved quadrant instead of being square with four flat sides. This took up a lot less space where it mattered and made all the difference.

Small Bathroom

Use Bathroom mirrors but don't overdo it
Using mirrors to give the feeling of space is simple yet very effective. Don't be tempted to install too many mirrors though because the effect can become overwhelming if you're not careful. Never put mirrors on opposite walls.

The ceramic tiles make the bathroom look great
To top it all off we chose a simple bathroom ceramic shower tile design consisting of white and blue tiles and tiled the whole room from floor to ceiling. It looks great and the tiles set it off a treat. Because we chose a simple design the cost was very reasonable and the result was just as good as would have been had we used a bathroom designer tile.

Well there you have it that was my idea for remodeling a small bathroom. I know that it works because we did it. Good luck with your project.

Bathroom Shower Head