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Vado Celsius

Whether you like a bracing shower at the start of your day to get going or a long, warm relaxing one at the end of the day to unwind, there's no mistaking the importance of a good shower valve and set up to your bathroom. It's important to ensure that your shower valve and the set will offer you the experience and control you're after, as well as a pleasing appearance that can complement the rest of your bathroom design. That's what you'll get with the Celsius line from Vado. Each of their shower valves and shower sets is made with high-quality materials. They feature thermostatic valves for the ultimate in control and have a contemporary finish and appearance. Some of the setups also have eco-flow technology that can help you save water, and they have both concealed and visible valves, so no matter what your particular style and setup, there is a Vado Celsius shower to match.

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