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Twyford E200

E200 — a sensational range of Twyford, which not only caters the rarest bathroom decor issues, but also adds a sustainable storage solution for every modern bathrooms. The basins & toilets showcased in the series could be the ideal solution for space-constrained bathrooms. The design & finish of any product from the range can not only match but can also uplift the bathroom setting. The range features a huge collection of basins in a variety of sizes, which can be coupled with vanity units that are available in White and Grey finish. The innovatively design Plinths that can be added to the vanity units, which also feature a towel rail. What more can you expect from a vanity unit that keeps your towel ready after your freshen-up time besides storing your ample bathroom requisite. The corner basin and vanity units are a unique presentation of the range, which can also be looked upon, to make the best use of bathroom

29 Products

E200 550mm Unit White

Optional: Finish Options
£155.80 £ 274.93

E200 690mm White Corner Unit And 500mm Handrinse Basin

Optional: Finish Options
£244.16 £ 430.78

E200 500mm Unit White

Optional: Finish Options
£148.38 £ 261.85

E200 448mm White Unit And 500mm Basin With Right Hand Tap Hole

Optional: Finish Options
£197.28 £ 348.11

E200 448mm White Unit And 500mm Basin With Left Hand Side Bowl

Optional: More Variations Available
£200.11 £ 353.08

E200 348mm Grey Unit And 400mm 1 Left Hand Tap Hole Basin

Optional: More Variations Available
£141.00 £ 248.82

E200 425mm Grey Corner Unit And 320mm Handrinse Basin

Optional: Finish Options
£189.41 £ 334.22

E200 400mm White Unit For 450mm 1 Or 2 Tap Hole Basin

Optional: Finish Options
£105.37 £ 186.00

E200 590mm Unit And 650mm Basin With Right Hand Shelf

Optional: Finish Options
£247.60 £ 436.85

E200 590mm White Unit And 650mm Basin With Left Hand Shelf

Optional: Finish Options
£247.60 £ 436.85

E200 Handrinse 1 Tap Hole Basin With Pedestal

Optional: Tap Hole Option
£74.58 £ 131.68

E200 650 x 370mm Washbasin With Semi Pedestal

Optional: More Variations Available
£120.18 £ 212.10

E200 600 mm Basin With 1 Tap Hole

Optional: Tap Hole Option
£61.64 £ 108.88

E200 550mm Wide Basin With Semi Pedestal

Optional: Sizes Available
£91.74 £ 161.94

E200 550mm Wide Washbasin With Full Pedestal

Optional: Sizes Available
£90.68 £ 160.09

E200 500 x 250mm Basin With 1 LH Tap Hole

Optional: Right Handed Version
£58.70 £ 103.68

29 Products

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