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Simpsons Design

Sophisticated style and enchanting design are instantly visible when you first look at the Simpsons Design View collection. These shower enclosures are reminiscent of the silver screen and glossy magazines with their glamour and seamless beauty. A part of the Crosswater Holdings group, the company, has been providing exclusive bath products since 1988 and operates out of Kent, from a 131,000 square foot space, with a 10,000 square foot gallery alone. Simpsons are one of their leading brands that has adorned elite institutions, commercial places, and homes the past 20 years.

The brand focuses on shower and bath screens that employ cutting edge technology and advanced mechanisms. The highlight of their bath shower screens is the Simpsons Clear Glass Protection, an optional feature that saves glass panels from limescale build-up and keeps it looking as good as new. As proof of their quality, Simpsons offers a lifetime guarantee on all its products. Here, the company presents the Design View range of four fabulous pieces. Each shower enclosure has a diverse design and comprises of differently put-together glass panels, allowing you a perfect fit, no matter what size and shape your bathroom may be.

9 Products

Design Quadrant Single Door Shower Enclosure

Design Quadrant Single Door Shower Enclosure
£420.29 £ 689.00
Optional: Sizes Available

Design 1100mm Soft Close Slider Door

Design 1100mm Soft Close Slider Door
£390.40 £ 640.00

Design 800 x 1950mm Side Panel - DSLSP0800

Design 800 x 1950mm Side Panel - DSLSP0800
£165.20 £ 280.00
Optional: Sizes Available

Design Right Hand Hinged Shower Door 800mm

£320.26 £ 525.00
Optional: Sizes Available

Design 1200mm Soft Close Slider Door

£396.50 £ 650.00

Design 1400mm Soft Close Slider Door

£414.80 £ 680.00

Design 1600mm Soft Close Slider Door

£460.55 £ 755.00

Design 1700mm Soft Close Slider Door

£466.66 £ 765.00

9 Products

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