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Crosswater Basins

Basins come in many shapes, styles, and sizes. Some are made to give your bathroom a sleek, contemporary appearance, while others are made to look traditional and dignified. But when you want a basin that can take center stage in your bathroom design, and that can give you a focal point as well as a place to wash up, consider countertop basins from Crosswater.

A countertop basin sits on top of your bathroom cabinet, rather than mounting inside of the countertop. This means that it rises up out of the cabinet, offering a very different style and appearance, as well as a different kind of function.

Countertop basins are easier to use for those who don’t want to bend to the sink. They also create a more dynamic appearance in the bathroom, capturing the eye of everyone who walks in. All Crosswater countertop basins have a 15-year warranty to guarantee them free from manufacturing defects. Pair them with a tall basin tap of your choice to complete the look.

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