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RAK Feeling

Create your own personal SPA with the RAK Feeling range from RAK ceramics. Quality meets harmony with the RAK Feeling range, giving you utmost comfort. The range includes shower trays in addition to basins, WCs and bidets. Complete with elegant and contemporary lines that give your bathroom a unique character and provide satisfactory showering moments, the shower tray is the new luxury essential for bathrooms.

RAK-Feeling is made of patented RAKSOLID, a mixture of natural minerals and resins that combine to give excellent durability. The finish combines the elegance of matte with stone effect for a unique look to the shower area, is pleasing to the touch and comes with anti-slip safety.

The shower trays come in floor-mounted, semi-recessed or flush to floor models. RAK-Feeling products satisfy the needs of both new build and renovations. Its surface is designed to retard the growth of germs to ensure greater safety and hygiene. These products are also resistant to chemical products as well as are fade resistant on exposure to light. In keeping with the high-quality standards of the brand are the Rak Feeling Water closets and bidet which can now be colour coordinated with the range of shower trays and washbasins in the same range. These come in 5 different ceramic glazes that perfectly match with the colour range of RAKSOLID products. RAK-Feeling also includes countertop washbasins in 5 different ceramic glazes, made to perfectly match shower trays in the range. Combine these with elements from the other ranges for a sensational looking, modern space.

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