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Just Trays JT 40 Fusion | Ultra | Breeze & Merlin

JT complements most shower enclosures in grand style by introducing their durable and robust line of shower trays. The excellent series of trays showcased are meticulously designed and comes with a distinctive profile. The ranges in this assortment include JT Merlyn, JT Fusion, JT UltraCast and JT Breeze. Trays from JT Merlyn are skillfully crafted from ABS Capped Stone Resin and supplied with adjustable feet, hidden behind removable panels, making installation as well as maintenance easy. JT Merlin, easy plumb shower trays, are provided with the 50mm waste outlet. Featuring square, rectangle, quadrant and offset quadrant shower trays, these trays can also be availed with an integral 13mm high upstand. JT40 Fusion Trays stand out to be the most complete addition when it comes to comfortable showering. These double skinned shower trays are solid and incorporate a JT40, 90mm rapid waste that drains up to 48 litres of water per minute. Select one for your square, rectangular, quadrant, and offset quadrant enclosures.

JT is also renowned for providing simplified yet striking showering solutions, and with JTUltracast Shower Trays. The elegantly stylish shower trays from JTUltracast series are made from ABS capped acrylic stone resin and can be availed in flattop or tiling upstand versions. Complete with a 50mm waste outlet, these complement most enclosures in square, rectangle, quadrant, and offset quadrant shapes.

JTBreeze Trays contrive an exceptional way of showering. With strength as good as stone resin shower tray, JTBreeze trays are 80% lighter and weigh as little as 9 kilograms. Supplied with complete fixtures and fixings including leg set, panels, wastes and flexi pipe, JTBreeze becomes the most economical choice while planning luxurious showers, within budget. 25 years of guarantee backs every one of these impressive trays from Just Trays.

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JTMerlin 4 Upstand Rectangular Shower Tray 1000 x 700mm

JTMerlin 4 Upstand Rectangular Shower Tray 1000 x 700mm
Optional: 760mm 800mm 900mm Depth Available
£227.11 £ 372.32

JTUltracast Rectangular Flat Top Shower Tray 1100 x 700mm

Optional: 760mm 800mm Depth Available
£141.78 £ 232.43

JTUltracast Rectangular 4 Up-Stand Shower Tray 1000 x 700mm

Optional: 760mm 800mm 900mm Depth Available
£168.14 £ 275.64

JTMerlin 4 Upstand Rectangular Shower Tray 1200 x 700mm

Optional: 760mm 800mm 900mm Depth Available
£267.26 £ 438.14

10 Products