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MHS Towel Rails

Towel Rails from MHS ensure an unlimited supply of hot towels, while also heats up the bathroom. An envious combination of form and function, they are innovative, stylish and efficient. Our compilation of products listed below are practical, with modern designs, and one of the largest on the market today. These heating appliances from MHS are made from energy efficient metals such as steel, stainless steel, and aluminium. Select from Electric towel warmers or Hydronic rails. Electric versions run on electricity to get you the desired results. These electrically heated models do not require any additional plumbing work and are perfect for a home, which does not have an existing water-based setup. They can also be placed almost anywhere in the house. On the other hand, the MHS Hydronic versions work with your home’s central heating or any other closed Hydronic system and are far more efficient and cheaper to run. MHS offers fabulous finishes, sizes and colours that will add visual appeal and plenty of warmth. At QS Supplies, we offer products from MHS at competitive prices, to know more, give us a call, and our sales rep can help you in finding the right radiator at the right price.

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