Shower Seats

Whether you're creating a bathroom with accessible design, or you're designing a shower for an elderly or disabled family member, or you just like to relax while you shower and bathe, consider adding a shower seat to your bathroom. Shower seats are small seats or benches made of high-quality materials like acrylic or wood. They install securely to the wall of your shower and may stay in a seatable position, or they may fold out of the way when not in use. They allow the user the chance to sit safely while showering without worrying about slips and falls or tiring themselves out during the bathing process. We carry high quality seats from manufacturer's such as Hudson Reed, Roper Rhodes, and Croydex. Many of them are so stylish, they'll help enhance the appearance of your bathroom, while others are so unobtrusive, you won't know they're there until you need them. Choose from wood with chrome accents or gleaming, white acrylic. No matter which fits in best with your style, you're sure to enjoy relaxing while you shower even more.



Know More! Before you purchase

A variety of options are available to UK homeowners including a range of fixed wall mounted versions, and drop down seats. They can be installed as standalone products or you can have additional features such as arms, legs, handles, and backs. They are also manufactured using different materials such as acrylic, padded plastic, solid wood, wooden slats, and chrome.

Before you purchase one of these it's important to take certain factors into consideration. First of all the price. The price varies depending on the quality of materials used to make a particular one. The design also plays a part in the final cost and its suitability. Ease of use is another important factor. Most people who use this type of accessory want a simple solution that is easy to use and is the correct size for the enclosure or wet room it is being installed in.

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