Mixer Showers

Imagine a warm, comfortable shower where you can precisely set the temperature of the water, then relax and enjoy the results. Mixer showers enable you to do just that; you can get your ideal shower with consistent results with a single valve. A mixer shower set is made up of the valve and the showerhead. You may choose to use a fixed showerhead with concealed pipes for a minimalist look. You can also choose to revealed plumbing for a retro look, or you can choose to have a showerhead on a position-able bar for even more control. Mixer showers are one of the most common ways of setting up your shower, but that doesn't mean that the results need to be ordinary. We carry top brands such as Grohe, Mira, and Bristan, all of which can offer you an exceptional shower along with highly stylish looks. Each brand has a range of styles and options to choose from, and most will coordinate with other products in the same line, so you can create a cohesive look in the bathroom. Choose the function and the appearance that will fit best into your bathroom, and start enjoying your showers more than ever before.




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